Letter to Joan Wareing from her cousin Chris.



Letter to Joan Wareing from her cousin Chris.


Tells of how pleased they were to hear that Bob is safe, and that a rocket bomb dropped a short distance from school. Also, of the play that is being rehearsed.



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Three page handwritten letter


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47 High Street,
Dear Joan,
Mother says that she has been going to write to you for some time, but that she hasn’t had time, so she has set me to do it, but I suppose she will have composed more than half of this letter by the time that it’s finished.
I can’t tell you how pleased we were to hear that Bob is safe, and we hope that he will soon be home again. Have you had a letter from him through the Red Cross yet? I hope so, if not you soon will, but of course its bound to take a fairly long time.
When I write a letter especially to anybody who lives a good distance away I’m always afraid of boring them, because if I write about happenings at this end, they would not understand what I was talking about, and I don’t know what’s happening at the other end, so don’t be surprised
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if this letters “padded” and short.
We had quite a shake-up the other day at school, for a rocket bomb dropped less than a quater [sic] of a mile away. We did not hear a thing until there was two terrific explosions which broke some of the windows and shook others out of their sockets. We all dived under our desks as quick as possible, but by the time that we got there it was more or less over, and dust was falling all round us and covering our books. The real damage done was not very extensive but it broke windows with-in a radius of a mile in patches, the blast was terrific but spasmodic in its effects.
Apart from doing homework at nights now I going to rehearsals for a play which I am in, which is to be given early in the New Year. This takes up part of two nights a week, but it certainly livens up “Kimpton Life” a trifle. The play is a comedy “Lots Wife”. It is given by the local dramatic society, (the only worth-while local society). Although the people there seem to be rather high-class (doctors, school masters, and others) we have plenty of fun
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at the rehearsals.
I think Barry did well in his “Higher” I wish I could do as well. How is he getting on at colledge [sic] we have not heard but I expect he is enjoying himself. I have been accepted at a Medical School for next October, but whether I go or not depends on the results of my ”higher” so I shall have to put some work in this year.
I think this is all for this time apart from saying that Bob, Mother & Dad send their love to yourself, Auntie and Uncle.
So Cheerio,
Your Loving Cousin,




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