Letter to commanding officer at RAF Uxbridge concerning Jack Newton ex prisoner of war



Letter to commanding officer at RAF Uxbridge concerning Jack Newton ex prisoner of war


States he had recently returned from Gibraltar and would be available for RAF duties after he had been debriefed by M.I.9(b). Directs his further actions and handling.


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Two sided typewritten letter


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Officer Commanding,
No. 1 R.A.F. Depot,
Royal Air Force,
Copy No. [underlined] 35 [/underlined]
For attention of F/Lt. H.W. Beckett
(Tel. No. Uxbridge 1240 Ext. 8)
[underlined] 742570 SGT. J. L NEWTON. [/underlined] Ex. P.O.W.
The above mentioned airman returned to the United Kingdom from enemy occupied territory having embarked at GIBRALTAR on 13th JAN 1942 and disembarked at PEMBROKE DOCK. On 14th JAN 1942
He is being accomodated [sic] at the London Transit Camp, Great Central Hotel, Marylebone, London, where he is under the temporary command of [blank] until he has been interviewed by M.I.9(b) and the Air Ministry D. of I (S). After being interviewed he will be available for R.A.F. duties, and will report to the Directorate of Postings (Room 310) Adastra House, Kingsway, London, for instructions and authority to proceed on 2 – 3 weeks’ leave. While he is on leave, posting instructions will be forwarded to you.
In the meantime, this airman requires to be re-kitted and to be given an advance of pay. You are requested therefore, to make the necessary issues and then arrange for the immediate return of the airman to the Great Central Hotel, London.
This pro forma is countersigned by the officer commanding the London Transit Camp and you are requested to accept it as authority for the above-mentioned issues.
[Air Ministry stamp]
D.D. of P. (2)
Counter signed C. O. London Transit Camp.
[page break]
[inserted] 4c 5846
Ext 8314
A/C McNeil or F/Lt [underlined] Sonefield
AI1A [/underlined] [/inserted]



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