Letter from Herbert Adams to his mother



Letter from Herbert Adams to his mother


Writes that the weather had been bad and he had only done one more operation. Mentions playing crib. bridge and going to cinema in Lincoln. Comments that there were problems of getting mail from Australia. Catches up with news of friends including one who had training held up through illness but was no progressing with a practically all Australian crew.
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[date stamp 31 OCT 1944]
Sender’s Name & Address Aus 424504 F/Sgt Adams HG. AUSPO. Kodak House, Kingsway, London.
Thurs 28/10/44.
[underlined] No 32 [/underlined]
My Dear Mother,
Not much to write about this time I’m afraid. The weather has been pretty crook. We’ve only done one more op. and no other flying. We manage to while away the time with crib, 500 & bridge among the two crews in our room. Seen a few pictures too & am going again to-night. Saw Bing in “Going My Way” last night in Lincoln and enjoyed it. Haven’t had any more mail from Aussie since the issue at the end of our leave. All the fellers are having the same trouble. Got another letter from Taffy Madell yesterday which was welcome enough as the only one for a week. I don’t think I told you before that we struck my old cobber Rod Brownlee in London. I hadn’t seen him since Brighton but we’d been writing regularly & never got leave together. He was held up at A.F.U. with sickness & got well behind us. Anyway he’s getting close now, is just going to Finishing School & being in a practically all Aussie crew expect to see him roll up here in a couple of weeks. Syd met him the last night we were in London & told him which room we were in without letting me know so I got the shock of my life next morning when he strolled in just as we were getting out of bed. Met another chap from Mudgee here the other day Les Costigan air gunner knew nearly all the fellers I used to knock around with.
Cheerio for now Mum. Love to all at home. Bert XXXX



H G Adams, “Letter from Herbert Adams to his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 13, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/27294.

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