Officers advanced training school - M.T. administration



Officers advanced training school - M.T. administration


Covers duties of M.T. officer, establishments, servicing and maintenance, supply, repairs, lights on service transport, markings on vehicle, licensing of vehicle, types of run, authority of runs: driving licenses, co-ordination of M.T., records to be maintained, administration of M.T. section including discipline and allocation of duties, M.T accident procedures and Courts of inquiry into M.T. accidents. Followed by appendix of five pages listing air ministry orders relevant to mechanical transport and a page of questions.



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[Stamp] JUN 1945



[Underlined] PRECIS: M.T. ADMINISTRATION. [/underlined]

References: A.P. 837, Section 20; K.R. Chap. 25; Relevant A.M.O’s shown in Appendix “A” attached.
[Inserted] AP 3090. R.A.F. M.T. REGULATIONS. [/inserted]

[Underlined] Duties of the M.T. Officer [/underlined]

1. On many stations there is an establishment for a M.T. Officer, on others the C.O must detail an officer to take charge (K.R. 1987). Duties (laid down in A.561/42) :-

(a) Allocation and co-ordination of use of M.T. vehicles (except Regiment M.T.)
(b) Economical routeing of vehicles.
(c) Preparation and submission of forms and returns.
(d) Application of instructions laid down in K.R. Chap. 25 & A.M.Os.
(e) Servicing and maintenance of all vehicles.
(f) Liaison with the station engineer and equipment officers.
(g) Ensuring that essential vehicles (ambulances, fire tenders etc.) are maintained in a state of readiness.

Station controlled by:-

(a) Group – for operational matters.
(b) Command – for maintenance matters.

[Underlined] Establishments [/underlined]

2. (a) Squadron and echelon M.T. is under complete control of Station Commander (A.406/42).
(b) Regiment M.T. is under the control of the Regiment Commander for operational matters. (A.157/43 and A.368/42, as amended by A.965/43).
(c) Allotment of M.T. Home Commands.

References: A.M.O’s A.636/42 amended by A.68/43; A. 229/43 and A.561/43.

[Underlined] Supply [/underlined]

3. Liaison with equipment officer essential to ensure regular supply of spares, petrol, oil, etc.

[Underlined] Servicing and Maintenance [/underlined]

4. Maintenance schedules laid down for different vehicles. Servicing responsibilities (see A. 205/43) :-

(a) Driver M.T. (or operator) – daily inspection [Inserted] M.T. OFFICER [/inserted]
(b) M.T. Mechanic – 500 & 2,000 mile inspections |
(c) Fitter M.T. – 10,000 miles – partial overhaul. (A.298/40; A.478/40). | [Inserted] ENGINEER OFFICER [/inserted]
(d) Electrician – 2,000 mile inspection. 10,000 mile partial overhaul. |

[Underlined] Repairs [/underlined]

5. (a) Minor repairs within unit capacity (entered on F.656).
(b) Trivial repairs of specialist nature (up to £5) – bills submitted to Command.
(c) Vehicles requiring complete overhaul – (Form 523 action) – A.636/42 amended by A.561/43.

/Contd . . .

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– 2 –

(d) Civilian Repair Organisation Vehicle Emergency Repair Scheme (up to £50).
(e) Replacement of Main Components (Form 523 action).
(f) Replacement of Defective Parts (Form 1022 action). (A. 420/43).

6. Local civilian garage facilities (for greasing, spraying etc.) may be used by units with no workshops. Bill must not exceed £2 (A.494/41, A.989/41 and A.34/42).

7. [Underlined] Defects Report Book [/underlined] to be maintained in the section. Drivers to enter all defects. N.C.O. i/c to sign at beginning of each day to certify that action has been taken on previous days reports.

8. [Underlined] Salvage of M.T. Vehicles (A.730/43, amended by A.1156/43) [/underlined]
Driver of vehicle which becomes unserviceable it to report to nearest station who will carry out repairs and report to holding unit (for cars and light vans). Heavy vehicles, as above if possible; but, if it cannot be towed, signal Salvage Centre.

[Underlined] Lights on Service Transport [/underlined]

9. Weekly routine inspections to be carried out by day and after dark. (K.R. 2004 & A.M.O. A.616/41, amended by A.720/41.)

[Underlined] Markings of Vehicles [/underlined]

10. (a) Camouflage (A.891/43, A.519/44.).
(b) Gas Detector Paint – 36 square inches in area – A.891/43.
(c) Identification numbers – K.R. 1996.
(d) R.A.F. Roundel – A.617/41 as amended.
(e) Group Code Markings – A.617/41 as amended.
(f) Maximum speed – A.435/42, amended by A.607/42, A.1248/43.
(g) Weights – certain vehicles only – K.R. 2005.
(h) Yellow Discs – bridge weights – A.M. letter 73061/O.M.T.2 dated 23rd July, 1941.
(j) Flags – K.R. 158 (4) and A.397/41, A.851/42 and A.997/43.
(k) Carrying capacity – K.R. 1992 & A.M.O. A.1090/43, amended by A.1222/43.
(l) Tyre Pressure.
(m) Instructions to drivers – A.M.O. A.122/42.

[Underlined] Licensing of Vehicles. [/underlined]

11. Schedule “G” Certificates now issued for all service vehicles. (A.M.O. A.82/40 amends K.R. 2001).


[Underlined] Types of Run [/underlined]

12. (a) Routine Duty Journeys – K.R. 1954 & A.M.O. A.302/42 – application for general authority obtained from A.O.C. in C., or A.O.C.
– full details published in S.R.Os when authority is received and in first weeks of Jan. and July annually.
(b) Individual duty journeys – requests for transport should be made 24 hours in advance if possible.
(c) Repayment Runs – K.R. 1956 modified by A.436/42; A.608/42 and A.1227/42 – A.1287/43.
– greatly restricted during war,
– C.O. must sign authorisation form.

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– 3 –


(d) Recreational Runs.
– See A.M. letters A.26946/39 DD01 dated 10.12.40
A.26946/39 DDO(MT) dated 14.8.41.
A.313607/41/OMT 2 (a) dated 6.5.43.
466943/42/OMT 2 dated 3.6.43.
535847/43/DDO(MT) dated 25.5.44.
(e) Duty Runs by Private Car – see K.R. 3069 and 3072 – authorised users if annual mileage exceeds 2,000 (A.592/42 amended by 744/42; 908/42; 1318/42.)
– casual users if annual mileage less than 2,000.
– Schedule “G” Certificates can be issued (A.158/43)
– if more economical private cars can be used even though service vehicles are available (A.89/43).

[Underlined] Authorisation of Runs: Driving Licenses. [/underlined]

13. (a) All divers of service vehicles must be in possession of written authority (K.R. 2000) – must be produced to police on demand.
F. 658 – for individual duty journeys – signed by M.T. officer (A.561/42).
– for routine runs – no approving signature needed.
F. 925 – for maintenance unit journeys only.
F.793 – for repayment runs – prepared in triplicate
– must be signed by C.O.
F.1651 – for duty runs in private car.

(b) (i) M.T. Drivers must be in possession of Form 1629 (Identification Card) – A.353/42 amended by A.521/42; 15/43; 250/43 suspends K.R. 2006.
(ii) Officers who drive Service M.T. must have C.O’s written authority, Form 1839 (A.180/43 amended A.1103/43; A.1102/43).

[Underlined] Co-Ordination of M.T. [/underlined]

14. M.T. Officer responsible for ensuring that runs are co-ordinated whenever possible and that utmost economy is exercised. Control of all M.T. is in hands of Station Commander. (A.14/43 amended by A.206/43)
Imprest Account held by M.T. officer for paying:-
(a) Bus fares for personnel )
(b) For carriage of parcels, etc. by carriers ) A.560/42
(c) For use of ferries and toll bridges – A.693/42.

15. Bicycles can effect considerable economy in M.T. – A.488/43, amended by A.841/43 and A.1133/43 lays down M.T. officer’s responsibilities.

[Underlined] Records to be Maintained [/underlined]

16. Form 656 – M.T. Maintenance form kept for each vehicle monthly, miles run per day; fuel issued and details of all inspections, overhauls, defects and repairs must be recorded.
– check average of miles per gallon at end of each month.
Form 814 – record of all journeys made by service M.T. in order in which they are made.
– details obtained from Forms 658, 793 or 925
– checked and signed daily by M.T. Officer.
Form 814A – summary of all journeys compiled from F. 814
– total monthly mileage and fuel issues must be entered at end of each month and average of miles per gallon calculated (A.748/43).
Form 813 – Log book of vehicle.

/Contd . . .

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– 4 –

/Contd . .

Form 361 – maintained, to record daily issues of fuel to each vehicle.
Form 748 – Inventory of equipment – maintained for each vehicle – issues and withdrawals recorded on Form 464.

17. C.O. must examine and sign Forms 814 and 814A at end of each month (A.302/42).

[Underlined] ADMINISTRATION OF M.T. SECTION [/underlined]

[Underlined] Discipline and Allocation of Duties [/underlined]

18. (a) M.T. Standing Orders to bring to the notice of all personnel all local or special orders and instructions.
(b) Section Order Book to draw attention to A.M.Os and Air Ministry, Command and Group letters.
(c) Importance of careful allocation of duties (A.1291/42) especially for W.A.A.F. personnel. (A.1154/43).
(d) Lifts in service vehicles may be given to service and civilian personnel (and families) serving on station, and to service personnel picked up en route. (A.665/42 amended by A. 276/43)

[Underlined] M.T. Accident Procedure [/underlined]

19. References : A.P. 837 paras. 661-676. A.M.O. A.475/42, amended by A.175/43 and A.914/43.

[Underlined] Courts of Inquiry into M.T. Accidents [/underlined]

20. Court of Inquiry or Investigation must be held if:-

(a) C.O. satisfied it is only way of ascertaining true facts.
(b) There us any suggestion of unauthorised or improper use of the vehicle.
(c) Mechanical defect is suspected.
(d) Death or Injury to R.A.F. personnel has resulted (see K.R. 1325 and A.M.Os. A.337/40 amended by A.473/41).
(e) Death or injury has been caused to an Air Ministry employee.
(f) Ordered by superior authority or requested by A.D. claims.

See also A.P. 837 paras. 1371-1375 regarding summoning of witnesses, and terms of reference.

[Underlined] Amendments to this Precis: [/underlined]

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A.230/25 Loading of Hot Ash in M.T. Vehicles (Amended by A.281/37).
A.737/30 Form 748 – Inventory of Equipment of M.T. Vehicles.
A.27/31 Issue of Driving Licenses under Road Traffic Act, 1930. (Amended by A.85/38).
A.69/31 Officers and Airmen Medically Unfit – Driving Motor Vehicles.
A.94/31 Accidents to R.A.F. Personnel while travelling in Private Motor Cars.
A.180/31 Restrictions on Pillion Riding.
A.61/32 Accounting for M.T. Vehicles.
A.186/32 Road Traffic Act 1930 – Offences by M.T. Drivers.
A.192/32 Accommodation of R.A.F. Vehicles on long journeys.
A.352/32 Refuelling Gear – Maintenance.
A.307/33 M.T. Rates for use on Repayment (Amended by A.271/37 and 464/39).
A.338/33 Issue of M.T. Petrol for Use in Motor Mowers – Rollers.
A.254/34 Use of Private Motor Vehicles on Duty Journeys. (Amended by A.304/34, 82/36, 98/37, 953/40, 909/42, and 462/43).
A.63/35 M.T. Vehicles on detached sites.
A.300/35 Identification Marking of Petrol Tins carried on M.T. Vehicles.
A.15/36 Conveyance of personnel and stores (Amended by A.272/37).
A.167/36 M.T. Drivers – Opthalmic Examination.
A.203/36 M.T. Vehicles – Conveyance of highly inflammable Stores.
A.286/36 Equipment and Tools on M.T. Vehicles – Stamping with A.M. Mark.
A.32/37 Driving Licenses for Heavy Goods Vehicles – Civilian Employees.
A.247/37 Motor Vehicles (Driving Licenses Regulations 1937).
A.357/37 Emergency Treatment arising out of Traffic Accidents.
A.276/37 [missing letter]rohibition of Wearing Hob Nail Boots by M.T. Drivers.
A.279/37 M.T. Vehicles Routine Runs.
A.346/38 Form 748 – Inventory of Equipment for M.T. Vehicles.
A.364/38 Form 925 – Entry of Arrival and Departure times of Vehicle.
A.391/38 Marking of Mobile Tankers.
A.392/38 Petrol Trailers – Operation of Pumps.
A.400/38 Fordson Vehicles – Care in Driving.
A.424/38 Form 748 – Trailers, Tanker, Petrol.
A. 16/39 M.T. – Towing of Trailers.
A.33/39 Keys of M.T. Vehicles (Amended by A. 209/39).
A. 34/39 Ignition Leads – M.T. Vehicles.
A. 52/39 Protection of M.T. Vehicles against Overhead Cables.
A. 85/39 Petrol Trailers – Use of Pumping Equipment.
A.199/39 Accumulators for Fire Tenders and Ambulances.
A.260/39 M.T. Accounting for Petrol.
A.328/39 Garaging of Private Motor Vehicles.
A.337/39 Billeting of Personnel and Vehicles.
A.438/39 Driving Licenses for Heavy Vehicles – Civilian Employees.
A.441/39 Tenders, Articulated – Precautions in Loading.
A.463/39 Fatal Injuries to Civilians caused by Service Vehicles.
A.496/39 Shortages of Essential Equipment.
A. 82/40 Licensing of “Exempt” Road Vehicles.
A.275/40 Petrol Rationing – Applications for and Issue of Supplementary Coupons.
A.298/40 M.T. Technical Maintenance (Amended by 478/40)
A.322/40 M.T. Petrol – Casual Purchases (Amended by A.200/41).
A.323/40 Issue of M.T. Petrol to Army Guards at R.A.F. Station (A.1358/42)
A.339/40 Driving of M.T. Vehicles.
A.345/40 Supply of M.T. Petrol to R.C.A.F. Vehicles. (Amended by A.428/40)
A.357/40 Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses (Amended by A.353/42)
A.381/40 Reserves of Marine Craft Engines (Amended by A.935/41).
A.449/40 Accidents Involving Third Party Claims (Amended by A.62/41).
A.496/40 Issue of Driving Licenses.
A.581/40 Refuelling Vehicles – Draining Before Transfer.
A.585/40 M.T. Petrol and Oil for Vehicles Proceeding to Contractors Works.
A.586/40 Amendments to Technical Air Publications.
A.610/40 M.T. Vehicles – Makers Handbooks (Amended by A.947/40).
A.775/40 Disposal of Motor Vehicles Belonging to Deceased and Missing Personnel
A.776/40 Use of Service Transport for Collection of Civilian Salvage.
A.840/40 Despatch Rider Letter Service – Allotment of Home Commands (A.556/41, A.988/41, A.69/42, A.636/42, A.68/43, A.229/43, A.561/43).
A.865/40 Precautions Against Frost etc. (Amended by A.958/40).
A.943/40 Maintenance of Portable Fuel and Oil Tanks.
A.947/40 Air Publications for M.T. Vehicles.

/Contd . . . .

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– 2 –

A.61/41 Defence of R.A.F. and A.M. Drivers.
A.66/41 Bonus of M.T. Drivers – Conditions of Payment.
A.111/41 Collection of Vehicles on A.M. Allotment.
A.112/41 Use of unlicensed and uninsured vehicles on R.A.F. Stations.
A.160/41 Use of M.T. Service by Education Officers.
A.216/41 M.T. Vehicles – Defects – Repairs and Replacements.
A.256/41 Courses of Instruction.
A.310/41 Reduction in Rank of N.C.O.’s innefficiency [sic] or misconduct.
A.333/41 Aviation Fuel – Refuelling Vehicles etc.
A.354/41 M.T. Spares – Demanding Procedure (See A.977/41)
A.389/41 Training of M.T. Drivers and Motor Cyclists.
A.397/41 Use of Distinguishing Flags on R.A.F. Staff Cars (Amended by A.851/42.)
A.424/41 Use of Service Transport for Patients in R.A.F. Hospitals.
A.464/41 Demands for Bicycles (See A.1026/41.)
A.494/41 M.T. Vehicles – Use of Civilian Servicing Facilities (See A.989/41 A.34/42)
A.529/41 Technical Training of Airmen.
A.533/41 W.A.A.F. – Trade Training at R.A.F. Stations.
A.616/41 A.R.P. Lighting Restrictions and Mobility of R.A.F. Transport. (See A.720/41)
A.617/41 Identification of R.A.F. M.T. (See A.12/42 A.152/42. A.225/42, A.587/42.)
A.626/41 Economy in the use of Manpower and Material.
A.682/41 Use of M.T. for personnel discharged from hospital.
A.683/41 Immobilisation of M.T. Vehicles (Amended by A.202/44)
A.721/41 M.T. Vehicles allotted to Contractor for repair – Accounting. Procedure (Amended by A.550/44.)
A.727/41 7 0 Octane Aviation Fuel – Use in Fire Tenders (Cancelled by A.330/42)
A.828/41 Use of Service Transport by Contractors.
A.876/41 Inter-departmental Adjustments in Wartime.
A.877/41 Mechanical Transport Carrying Capacity.
A.882/41 Fog Lamps on M.T. Vehicles.
A.933/41 Shortages of Equipment – Reporting by Stations.
A. 956/41 Aerodrome Rumways. [sic]
A.957/41 Mobile cranes – Safety Precautions.
A.1007/41. M.T. for Dance Bands, Gang Shows etc. (Amended by A.678/42)
A.1051/41 Local Cartage Contracts.- Solid Fuel and Laundry.
A.1074/41 M.T. Tyres – Rebuilding and Disposal (A.355/42.)
A. 35/42 Driving of Service M.T. Vehicles.
A. 36/42 Economical Use of M.T. – Collections from M.U.’s.
A. 56/42 Careless Use of Petrol.
A. 57/42 M.T. Vehicle Marking.
A. 71/42 Turning round of vehicles on Highway during Blackout.
A. 110/42 Compensation for War Damage – Private Cars – R.A.F. personnel.
A. 118/42 Continuance of flying during absence of Fire Tender or Ambulance.
A. 122/42 Economy in the Use of M.T. Tyres (See A. 607/42).
A. 150/42 Conservation of Petrol and Oil.
A. 161/42 Motor Insurance policies issued to R.A.F. personnel.
A. 182/42 Transit of Ford V.8. Engines.
A. 176/42 Use of Service M.T. – National Savings Campaign.
A. 293/42 Sale of Petrol to R.A.F. personnel.
A. 299/42 Receipt of Aviation M.T. Fuel at R.A.F. Stations (Amended by A. 966/42.)
A. 302/42 Requisitioning and Recording of M.T. (See A.436/42, 520/42 748/43).
A. 364/42 Hire of M.T. without driver – Form on agreement.
A. 365/42 Log Books for Power Plants – Introduction.
A. 406/42 Mechanical Transport and Marine Craft Establishment of Squadrons, and Echelons.
A. 435/42 Speed Regulations for M.T. Vehicles (See A. 607/42).
A. 436/42 Use of Service Transport on Repayment.
A. 437/42 Disposal of Motor Vehicles belonging to R.A.F. Personnel (and A.395/43)
A. 461/42 Use of R.A.F. tractors on Repayment – Land cultivation see A.1207/42)
A. 475/42 Transfer of action in connection with Traffic Accidents etc. (Amended by A. 175/43 and 914/43).
A. 491/42 Loss of Tools etc.
A. 519/42 Requisitioning and Recording of M.T.
A. 540/42 Issue of Fuel to visiting R.A.F. M.T. Vehicles and to Works vehicles. and Mobile Plant – Revised Accounting Procedure (A.631/43).

/Contd . . .

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– 3 –

A.545/42 Petrol Rationing (A.766/42, A.1017/42, A.1095/42, A.1208/42, A. 1395/42).
A.552/42 W.A.A.F. – Night Travelling Allowances when driving Service vehicles.
A.560/42 M.T. Officers and Warrant Officers – Imprest Account.
A.561/42 M.T. Officers Functions and Duties.
A.592/42 Motor Mileage Allowances in the United Kingdom – Service Personnel (A.1744/42, A.908/42, A.1318/42).
A.593/42 Motor Mileage Allowance in the United Kingdom – Civilian Personnel. (A.715/42, A.908/42).
A.1014/41 Bulk Petrol Installations – Fire Precautions (See 462/42).
A.600/42 Provision of spare parts and tyres for privately owned Motor vehicles on Official Business.
A.607/42 Speed Regulations – M.T. vehicles (A.897/42 and A.1064/42).
A.608/42 Use of Service Transport on Repayment (See A.1227/42).
A.609/42 Salvage and disposal of M.T. Anti-Freeze Mixture.
A.633/42 Wearing of Crash Helmets.
A.636/42 Allotment of M.T. Home Commands. (Amended by A.68/43, 229/43 & 561/43).
A.637/42 Economy in the use of Service M.T. Vehicles – Use of Railway by officers visiting R.A.F. Stations.
A.653/42 Granting of permission to live off at an R.A.F. Station when the use of a care [sic] is involved. (A.956/42).
A.665/42 Lifts in Service Transport (Amended by A.276/43 and 544/44).
A.666/42 M.T. Vehicles proceeding by Road to ports of shipment – Accounting for petrol.
A.669/42 Repair of M.T. Components.
A.693/42 Use of Ferries and Toll Bridges by R.A.F. Vehicles.
A.699/42 Disposal of Repairable spare parts – arising from repair or reduction to produce of impressed M.T. Vehicles. (Amended by A.1134/42).
A.714/42 Use of private Cars and Motor Cycles on official business – Service and Civilian Personnel.
A.731/42 Identification Cards for Drivers of mechanically propelled vehicles – Form 637.
A.758/42 Employment of airmen on agricultural work (Amended by A.816/42, A.889/42, and 1389/42).
A.820/42 Camouflage of Mechanical Transport
A.821/42 Substitution of Standard Tread Tyres for Cross Country Tyres.
A.829/42 Tyre Treads.
A.887/42 Promotion of airmen.
A.915/42 Garaging of Service Cars away from R.A.F. Parent Stations.
A.1010/42 Driving Licenses for personnel of the R.A.F. Regiment.
A.1015/42 Accounting Procedure for Fuel and Oil in aircraft and M.T. Vehicles received from Civilian operated Units.
A.1016/42 Service Indents for Motor Fuel (Royal Observer Corps).
A.1018/42 Searchlights Servicing and Repair Responsibilities.
A.1038/42 R.A.F. Mechanical Transport – Organisation etc.
A.1039/42 Service M.T. – Use of by Civilian Met. Officers.
A.1044/42 Racks for Transportation of Propellors.
A.1072/42 Log Books – Entries in Transfer Log.
A.1103/42 Tampering with Speedometers, M.T. Vehicles.
A.1124/42 Driving of M.T. Vehicles by Airwomen Drivers.
A.1126/42 Check of Stocks of Fuel – Satellite Aerodromes.
A.1147/42 Screening of airmen in Ground Trades.
A.1149/42 R.A.F. Station, Prestwick – Visits by R.A.F. Vehicles.
A.1178/42 Prevention of Road Accidents.
A.1127/42 Use of R.A.F. Vehicles M.T. on repayment for Land Cultivation.
A.1241/42 Maintenance of Ground Equipment.
A.1256/42 Drivers (M.T.) Group V – Conditions of Service.
A.1291/42 Drivers M.T. – Allocation of Duties.
A.1299/42 Issues of Petrol by Army Units to R.A.F. Vehicles.
A.1308/42 Packing and Storage of Radial Exhaust Manifolds.
A.1355/42 Gloves, Leather – M.T. Drivers – R.A.F. Regiment.
A.1359/42 Schedule “G” Certificates.
A.1361/42 Misuse of Service Transport – Theft of Petrol.
A.1213/42 Allowances for Use of Motor Cycles, Pedal Cycles etc. in the United Kingdom – Service personnel.
A.1214/42 Allowances for Use of Motor Cycles, Pedal Cycles etc. in the United Kingdom – Civilian Personnel.

/Contd . . .

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– 4 –

A. 1396/42 Use of Schedule “G” Certificates for casual duty runs.
A. 1397/42 Camouflage for Mechanical Transport.
A. 12/43 Electrically Operated Equipment – Responsibility for Servicing.
A. 14/43 (Amended by A.206/43) Co-ordination of Control of Mechanical Transport.
A. 71/43 M.T. Fuel in Bulk – Dyeing on delivery at R.A.F. Stations and units.
A. 88/43 Supply of M.T. Fuel and other Pool products by the Petroleum Board Accounting Procedure.
A. 89/43 Use of Private Cars for Duty Journeys.
A.101/43 Driving of Private Cars run under Schedule “G” Certificates.
A. 113/43 Garaging of Service Cars away from R.A.F. Parent Stations.
A. 130/43 Spare Wheels for M.T. Vehicles (Cancels 303/42 and 385/42)
A. 131/43 Mechanical Transport – Danger of leaving mud Deposits on the Highway.
A. 176/43 Courts of Inquiry on Accidents (other than flying accidents) and other matters – War Time Procedure.
A. 205/43 M.T. Maintenance – Distribution of Servicing Responsibilities. Revised lay-out of Maintenance Schedules.
A. 278/43 Servicing of Vehicles towing Mobile Dental Vans.
A. 292/43 Conveyance of Personnel between quarters and place of Messing or Duty.
A. 307/43 Refuelling of Convoys at the R.C.A.F. Depot, Warrington.
A. 315/43 Disposal of Repairable spare parts arising from repair or reduction to produce of impressed M.T. Vehicles.
A. 492/43 Demands for M.T. Spares – Use of Part Numbers instead of reference numbers.
A. 524/43 Identification of R.A.F. Mechanical Transport.
A. 606/43 Road Traffic Act. 1930 – Towing of Vehicles.
A. 610/43 Economy in the use of M.T. Specialist Vehicles.
A. 629/43 Use of heating apparatus on Marine Craft.
A. 630/43 Aviation Fuels on Aircraft and M.T. Lubricating Oils and Demanding.
A. 631/43 Issue of Fuel to visiting R.A.F. M.T. Vehicles and to Works. Vehicles and Mobile Plant – Revised Accounting Procedure.
A. 655/43 M.T. Vehicles – Painting of Wheel clamping nuts on two-piece whells. [sic]
A. 674/43 Recreational Runs on partial repayment – General safety provisions.
A. 677/43 Marine Craft Repair and servicing.
A. 730/43 Mechanical Transport salvage arrangements in the United Kingdom.
A. 772/43 Maintenance of Kerbside petrol pumps at R.A.F. Stations.
A. 867/43 Disposal of M.T. Vehicles (refers observations beyond economical repair A.51/44)
A. 868/43 M.T. Vehicles – Use of Gnomist Cellophane for prevention of internal misting on screens.
A. 890/43 Conveyance of children to school by M.T. Vehicles.
A. 891/43 Camouflage painting of M.T. Vehicles (Gives Section ref.nos.)
A. 892/43 Use of Service Transport on behalf of N.A.A.F.I.
A. 893/43 Mechanical Transport – Rates for use on repayment.
A. 913/43 Repayment services involving labour, machinery etc. Rates of charges to be applied.
A. 914/43 Transfer of action in connection with Traffic Accidents at Home to the Claims Commission – (475/42 amended).
A. 1067/43 Petrol Rationing (Amended by A.201/44 and A. 628/44)
A. 1090/43 M.T. Carrying capacity passengers (Amended by A. 723/44)
A. 1098/43 Repair of Berg and Beck Clutch Plates.
A. 1113/43 Limitation of engine speed on M.T. Vehicles (SOB).
A.1154/43 Driving of Motor Vehicles by W.A.A.F. M.T. Drivers (Amended by A. 680/44)
A. 1250/43 W.A.A.F. Clothing (M.T. Drivers) (Amended by A. 296/44).
A. 1248/43 Speed regulations for M.T. Vehicles.
A. 1249/43 Recreational runs on partial repayment – general safety provisions.
A. 1222/43 Carrying capacity passengers.
A. 1223/43 Issue of M.T. petrol for use on mowers and other petrol consuming equipment used by R.A.F. Service Institutes.
A. 1325/43 Motor Vehicle leave permits (refers 253/40).
A.600/1247/43 Funerals.
A. 15/44 M.T. Vehicle repairs.
A. 31/44 R.A.F. M.T. Vehicles introduction and allocation of type Nos. Amended by A.232/44).
A. 51/44 Disposal of M.T. Vehicles at Home (Amends A.867/43)
A. 71/44 Mechanical Transport Spares for Impressed Vehicles, demanding procedure by R.A.F. Units in United Kingdom.

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– 5 –

A. 82/44 R.A.F. M.T. Vehicles – Introduction and allocation of type nos.
A.143/44 Bridge load classifications (A.291/44 and A.660/44 amends).
A.202/44 Immobilisation of M.T. vehicles (Amends A.683/41).
A.181/44 Speed regulations – M.T. vehicles.
A.201/44 Petrol Rationing.
A.309/44 Mechanical Transport – carrying capacity – passengers.
A.203/44 Wearing of crash helmet.
A.232/44 Introduction and allocation of type numbers (Amends A.31/44).
A.258/44 Carry capacity – goods. (Amends 309/44)
A.241/44 Motor vehicles Leave Permits.
A.291/44 Bridge load classification of R.A.F. M.T. vehicles (Amends A.143/44).
A.292/44 Identification of R.A.F. Mechanical Transport.
A.313/44 Issue of fuel to visiting R.A.F. M.T. Vehicles etc.
A.327/44 Operation of mobile cranes – safety precautions.
A.342/44 Driving of Motor Vehicles by airwomen M.T. Drivers.
A.372/44 Defect Reports – Procedure.
A.366/44 Driving of M.T. Vehicles by F.M.T’s, Group 1 and M.T.M’s Group 11.
A.464/44 Carriage of R.A.F. Stores and Equipment by Vehicles operated by M.O.W. Dept.
A.463/44 Driving of M.T. Vehicles – categorisation.
A.473/44 Recreational travel use of M.T. on partial repayment (A.677/44 amends).
A.486/44 Vehicle and Ground Danger markings on Airfields (See A.518/44).
A.519/44 Camouflage Painting of M.T. Vehicles.
A.544/44 Lifts in Service transport.
A.550/44 M.T. Vehicles allotted to a Contractor for repair – accounting procedure.
A.556/44 Marine Craft – repair and servicing.
A.609/44 Motor Vehicle Leave Permits.
A.632/44 Defects report procedure.
A.649/44 Use of R.A.F. M.T. on repayment for the conveyance of R.A.F. Benevolent Fund Representatives on certain occasions.
A.661/44 Requisitions and Recording of Mechanical Transport.
A.665/44 R.A.F. M.T. Vehicles – introduction and allocating type numbers.
A.660/44 Bridge Load classification of R.A.F. M.T. vehicles.
A.680/44 Driving of motor vehicles by airwomen M.T. Drivers.
A.896/44 Repair of M.T. Home Commands.
A.897/44 Camouflage painting of M.T. Vehicles (procedure for painting defined).
A.905/44 Cancels A.M.O. A.31/44.
A.875/44 Leave.
A.958/44 Dispersal of R.A.F. Mechanical Transport.
A.978/44 Mechanical Transport Accident Prevention.
A.977/44 Driving of Motor Vehicles by airwomen M.T. Drivers.
A.998/44 M.T. Lighting Restrictions.
A.995/44 Vehicle and ground Danger Marking on Airfields.
A.1010/44 Transport Facilities between London Railway Termini.
A.1020/44 as amended by A.1245/44. Mechanical Transport – Carrying Capacity – Passengers.
A.1036/44 Recreational Travel – Overseas.
A.1066/44 Transfer of action in connection with Traffic accidents.
A.1088/44 Identification of R.A.F. Mechanical Transport.
A.1103/44 Recreational Travel.
A.1134/44 Tyres and Tubes for M.T. vehicles – restriction.
A.1220/44 Driving of M.T. Vehicles by Fitters (M.T.) and M.T. Mechanics.
A.1262/44 Recreational Travel.
A. 10/45 Civilian Repair Organisation.

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[Underlined] M.T. ADMINISTRATION – QUESTIONS. [/underlined]

1. If no M.T. Officer is established on a Station who is responsible for the M.T.?

2. Enumerate five important duties of a M.T. Officer.

3. Who controls M.T. operational matters?

4. Who controls M.T. Maintenance matters?

5. Why is it important that all requests for M.T. duty journeys should be made, whenever possible, 24 hours before the journey is undertaken?

6. On what occasions may civilian garage facilities be used by Service M.T.?

7. What useful purpose does a F.656 serve?

8. May a driver be issued with a Schedule ‘G’ certificate to use his motor car for private purposes. ?

9. Does an authorised user get any allowance for garaging his car?

10. How are recreational runs obtained?

11. Who is responsible for reporting M.T. accidents to Higher Authority?

12. When must a Court of Inquiry or Investigation be held with regard to M.T. accidents?

13. From whom is authority obtained for routine journeys?

14. How are spare parts obtained for M.T. Vehicles?

15. Why is a defects report book necessary in the M.T. Section )


“Officers advanced training school - M.T. administration,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 22, 2024,

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