Crew scrapbook



Crew scrapbook


Scrapbook prepared by Bernard Clark for his son containing contributions from the crew of William Warburton's Lancaster. First page has sketch of Lancaster with crew positions noted. Other page includes signatures and other material from: Alan Beetch (Poem and signature), Bob West (Poem), Lloyd Cuming (Signature and Address), Tony Brander (Poem, signature and address), William Warburton (poem, signature, address), Frank Langley (Poem, signature, address), B Clark (sketch).



Temporal Coverage



Nine page handwritten book with artwork


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[Drawing of aeroplane with crew names]

Drawn by Bernard Clark W/O for his son David.

[page break]

I wish that I could “shoot the line”
As have those two good friends of mine,
Whose names are writ ahead of me,
For you and everyone else to see.
But as I live on England's shores
I'll sigh myself sincerely yours
Alan. O. Beetsh

[page break]

Bombers Flying Overhead
While You Slumber In Your Bed
Gallant Airmen Soaring High
In The Cold Unfriendly Sky
Daring All That You May Be
Resolute Strong In Mind And Free.

RA West F/O
25, Woodfield St.,
Gt. Lever,
Bolton, Lancs.

[page break]

R114944, Sgt. Cuming, L.W.,
LW Cuming.

[inserted] Bomb Aimer CAF. [/inserted]

[page break]

I sit up in my little dome,
Feeling cold and all alone.
Searching vainly for a foe
Hoping that my guns will go.
Calling forth in high delight,
Here comes Jerry get out of sight!
When I land again at Base,
A smile appears upon my face,
Because I know that there will be-
Three fried eggs & Bags of tea.
(oh yeah) P Sanders

[page break]
[inserted] Mid Upper Gunner RAF [/inserted]

Aus424362 Sgt. Brander. A.P
14 Brown Rd. Broadmeadow
Southern Hemisphere

[underlined] P Brander. [/underlined]

[drawing of kangaroo]

[page break]

Sgt. W. Warburton F/ENG.
3,Hassall Ave.,
Manchester 20.

To think that I should ever be,
A Flying Spanner with one G.C.,
Giving Revs. & Boost & fiddling the Juice,
And being what is termed an F/E.

W. Warburton

[page break]

Sgt. Frank Langley, Rear-gunner
21 Darlcote Rd,
Alum Rock,

At shooting the line WE are experts
At eating and drinking PAD’s hot
But when he’s out with the women
He’s easy the best of the lot.

F Langley Jnr. F/O (We hope)

[page break]

A Close Shave

[drawing of parachuter close to weather vane]

Drawn by Bernard Clark W/O
For His Son David.

Daddy. 1942. RAF



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