Letter to Donald Bakers mother from Mrs Wills



Letter to Donald Bakers mother from Mrs Wills


Letter from people in Paignton that Donald visited when stationed in local area. Recounts that he payed a surprise visit and subsequently they received a card saying the he had 'arrived in Germany'. He had asked them to write which they intended to as well as sending parcels. Said they had inform other Rhodesians as well as Rhodesia House. She had received replies and which included his parent's address. Writes they were sorry that he was a prisoner. Continues with other news and says that Rhodesia House acts as next of kin to all Rhodesians who are prisoners and dispatches parcels to them. Hopes to receive regular news from Donald.



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Jan 22nd 1942.
Dear Mrs Baker
You will probably be a little surprised at the address heading this letter but possibly your son Donald may have mentioned us to you in his letters home. He used to visit our home when stationed in this town during 1940-41 and we were always delighted to welcome him.
One day last November he paid us a surprise visit and stayed the night with us – we were so glad to see him again to think that he remembered us so kindly. Then, about a fortnight ago he sent us a card telling us that, a week after visiting us, he “arrived in Germany” but is uninjured for which we are glad. He asked us to write to him which we are doing and we shall also send him a parcel either through Rhodesia House or the Red Cross Society.
I sent Don’s address to Ralph James, another Rhodesian with whom he was acquainted and Ralph apparently informed Rhodesia House as to Don being a prisoner of war for I received a letter from there asking me to inform
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the address – which I did today. I have received their thanks for the information and they gave me your address for which I asked. You see, I did so wish to write and say how sorry I am that Don should be a prisoner – the one bright spot (although Don would not agree) is that he is not running any risk as a Pilot Officer.
I am sure you will like to know how very fit & well he was when we saw him in November last – he looked so smart too in his Officers’ uniform but probably he may have had his photograph taken to send to you.
Rhodesia House tells me that it acts as next-of-kin to all Rhodesians who are prisoners of war & dispatch quarterly parcels to them – we shall send through them to your son & have asked him if he wishes for any special thing.
I hope you receive good regular news of him – We wish you all the best of luck for 1942 pray that this war will soon end in our victory –
Yours sincerely M. E. Wills [indecipherable word]


“Letter to Donald Bakers mother from Mrs Wills,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed January 24, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/25617.

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