Letter from Donald Baker to his mother



Letter from Donald Baker to his mother


Writes that he received her latest letter. Mentions he had had some leave and managed to get to see relatives in Somerset. Provides a full description of journey and his activities while there and catches up with family news. Concludes by saying he is still at the same place and awaiting posting for training.




Temporal Coverage



Six page handwritten letter


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[circled 1]
[Royal Air Force crest]
Rhodesia House
Thursday 26th September
My Dearest Mother,
I received a letter from you last [deleted] Sunday [/deleted] Tuesday acknowledging my letter written at Cape Verde. Suppose by this time Harry is back from his honeymoon.
You’ll be glad to hear that I had a few days leave and managed to get down to Somerset. They gave me from Saturday midday until Tuesday midnight.
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Caught a train from Wolverhampton at 2 pm Saturday and arrived at Castle Cary about 10.30 after changing at [deleted] Manchester [/deleted] [inserted] Birmingham [/inserted], Bristol & Westbury. I walked up to Cary Hill where I was very welcome. They were most surprised to see me as I had not told them I was coming. However went down to Wyke the next morning and had lunch there. Took Dan’s bike and saw Aunt Bess that aft. In the evening they took me to see Kathy & husband at a place called Pylle. They have a baby but luckily that was asleep
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[circled 3]
We then went back to Cary and up to Roys [sic] place. Stayed there until about 10 pm and then strolled back to Cary Hill for the night. Saw Aunt Bess Monday again and in the afternoon Uncle Jack & I went to see the Gulls at Milborne Port. The “old man” is back in the navy on a training ship. Went over the glove factory.
Monday evening Dan, Bruce, Bert Baker & I went to Wells but owing to the air raid sirens had to get
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[circled 4]
back to Cary. Johnny is in camp as I suppose you know and Vie & baby are in a house just about opposite Roys [sic] place. Luckily too that baby was also asleep. Vie is going to Street to stay with her people very soon. John had quite a decent place. As you know Uncle John has a new house into which they are moving at the end of this month. Bruce is still going strong with Vera and is expected to marry her at any moment but he wont say a word as to when
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[circled 5]
I am glad to say that I found all in Somerset pretty fit except Aunt Annie who had a bad cough but she was very cheerful and still Able to keep Uncle Jack in hand who is still talkative as ever.
Came back the same route as I went down leaving Cary at 11.40 & arrived at W’hampton 8.30 and came to Bridgnorth by bus. I had a jolly fine weekend and really enjoyed it.
Am still at the same place and waiting to be posted
[page break]
for training. It is getting really cold and has been overcast but no rain for a few days.
Well dear mother must close now hoping this finds you well & happy as it leaves me.
Much love to you all in Rhodesia,
from your loving son


D A Baker, “Letter from Donald Baker to his mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 12, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/25561.

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