Letter from Donald Baker to his mother



Letter from Donald Baker to his mother


Pleased to receive her letter and news. States he was interviewed and accepted as pilot and would shortly start courses as long as medical was passed. Keen to get at Germans that they hear every night. However, he notes training will take some months. Catches up on news from home, his current situation and the war. Concludes with comment on the weather.




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Three page handwritten letter and envelope


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[postage stamp]
Mrs C. Baker,
S. Rhodesia,
S Africa.
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c/o High Commissioner for
S Rhodesia
Monday 9th Sept 1940.
My Dearest Mother,
Am glad to say that I received a letter from you yesterday posted on the 28th July and pleased to hear that you were all well and happy when you wrote. I had begin [sic] to think that there was no more British Merchant Navy the letter took so long.
You will be pleased to hear that I was interviewed and accepted as a pilot so by the time you receive this I should be started the course, that is if I pass the Medical Test which is coming off on Wednesday. I sincerely hope I pass as am looking forward immensely to get a crack at these bally Nazis that we hear every night. It is most annoying to lie in bed and just listen to them and not be able to do anything about it However they seem to suffer enough in the day and most of the bombs at night fall in fields etc. However will just have to put up with that for another
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five months and then maybe Ill [sic] get a chance to do something as a pilots course takes at least that long. The Empire relies on me to turn the tide
Have just received another letter from you which was very pleasing. You never mention anything about the tobacco crop However I hear that prices remained good so do hope you did all right You ask how I am. Very well indeed Im [sic] glad to say Still at [deleted] Bridgnorth [/deleted] the same place but should be away soon after the Medical. Rhodesians are being drafted away to various stations and only the Air Crews are left. We are sick of this place and keen to get away as we are only doing foot drill on the square every day.
You will no doubt have heard of the latest Blitzkriegs etc so will not go into detail about it. However havent [sic] seen anything of them up here but the coast towns seem to be getting it hot & strong. We hear that big attacks have been made on London the last few nights but I guess were [sic] giving as well as taking.
By now Harry will be married I suppose. Im [sic] sorry I couldn’t have been there. What will Windy do for a job now
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It is starting to get pretty cold over here now but up to now the weather has really been jolly fine and there is still a lot of sunshine. [deleted] and [/deleted]
Well dear Mother I must close as there is no news.
Much love to all in Rhodesia
Your loving son


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