Newspaper articles featuring 103 Squadron



Newspaper articles featuring 103 Squadron


Article 1 has a photograph of the nose of Lancaster Mike Squared, S for Sugar at Waddington, the dispersal hut at Digby and Barry Halpenny in the cockpit of a Spitfire with his book 'Action Stations'. The cutting mentions Douglas Bader flying from Digby and Clark Gable flying from Goxhill, Flight Engineer Sgt Jackson's fall and survival with a burning parachute and Sqn Ldr Barry Douetil who fell out of his Lancaster after it flipped on its back, the only crew member to survive.
Article 2 titled Scramble by Paul Croft has photographs of Lancaster 'Santa Azucar' with stick woman and halo. Six aircrew are posed under the port engine. There is a photograph of four ground crew on a fighter's tale , identity BE483 and two airmen running towards an aircraft 'AE-X' captioned at Digby.
Article 3 is a photograph of the memorial garden for RAF Elsham Wolds and is captioned 'Ex-airmen and their families and friends congregate for the service to dedicate the memorial garden'. It was published in the Evening Telegraph Wednesday, September 2, 1981.






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