Sam Saunders, Training in Canada



Sam Saunders, Training in Canada


Two printed sheets with six photographs.
The text describes his early training then transfer to Canada learning on Ansons in the snow.
Photo 1 is Sam standing in the snow outside a hut.
Photo 2 is a ship.
Photo 3 is Sam and friend leaning on an Anson. They are wearing sidcot suits.
Photo 4 is three airmen in Sidcot suits in front of an Anson, captioned 'Wag, Ramsey and I'.
Photo 5 is an Anson in the snow.
Photo 6 is Sam and colleague wearing sidcot suits for the first time.




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Two printed sheets


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[Two photographs]

On the 16th January 1940, Daddy joined the Royal Air Force and he travelled to Canada for training as a navigator under the Joint Air Training Plan. He was 22years old. He actually volunteered for flying duties saying he had “some hope” of managing this. In April 1940, he went to RAF Uxbridge for tests and was selected as an RAF Navigator. In September, he went to Aberystwyth for training with drills and lectures. He was a leading Aircraftman (LAC).

In December 1940, he sailed for Canada, for training with the Commonwealth Training Scheme. This appears to be the boat that he travelled across the Atlantic on, we don’t know exactly when but from wherever he landed he travelled on to Winnipeg. There he started flying Ansons and he also found snow……

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This must be one of the first flights that he made, a great smile on his face, so eager. Casual and posing against the engine, very cool.


The three mates… “Wag, Ramsay and I”.


And the plane.. “the flying greenhouse”.


In the album he says “Our flying suits get their first outing”.


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