Recommendation for award of Distinguished Flying Medal



Recommendation for award of Distinguished Flying Medal


Includes particulars of meritorious service of Flight Sergeant Dunmore and mentions 32 operations, including daylight sortie to Danzig. Goes on to describe actions when coned by searchlight which helped pilot recover aircraft from dive.



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[inserted] [circled 2F] [/inserted]
Christian names. George. Surname. Dunmore.
Rank. Acting Flight Sergeant. Official No. 635201.
Command or Group. Path Finder Force, (No. 88 Group). Unit. 83 Squadron.
Total hours flown on operations. 176.55.
Number of Sorties. 32.
Total hours flown on operations since receipt of previous award. N/A.
Number of Sorties since receipt of previous award. N/A.
Recognition for which recommended. Non-immediate D.F.M.
Appointment held. Flight Engineer.
[underlined] Particulars of Meritorious Service for which the Recommendation is made. [/underlined]
Flight Sergeant Dunmore started his operational career in June 1942, and at the present time has taken part in 32 sorties against the enemy. His objectives include Essen, Bremen, Duisburg, Dortmund and other targets in the Rhur, and he also made one daylight sortie to Danzig.
2. He has shown himself to be cool and resourceful in the face of enemy fire and heavy opposition, and last September his presence of mind and skill were factors that contributed to the saving of the lives of his crew and the safety of his aircraft.
3. The aircraft was coned by searchlights and subjected to heavy and accurate fire. They were hit and commenced to dive at great speed, partially out of control. Flight Sergeant Dunmore so manipulated the engine controls, the constant speed levers and elevator trimmers that the pilot was able to bring the aircraft out of its dive, but only after they had lost height down to 800 feet. His keenness and devotion to duty are of a high order, and I strongly recommend him for the award of the Distinguished Flying Medal.
Wing Commander, Commanding,
[underlined] No. 83 Squadron, R.A.F. [/underlined]
[underlined] 17th June 1943. [/underlined]
[underlined] REMARKS BY STATION COMMANDER. [/underlined]
I strongly support the recommendation that F/Sgt. Dunmore be awarded the D.F.M. He has done outstandingly while serving with No. 83 Squadron.
Group Captain, Commanding,
[underlined] R.A.F. Station, Wyton, Hunts. [/underlined]
Date:- 22/6/43
[underlined] REMARKS BY AIR OFFICER COMMANDING. [/underlined]
Recommended. [signature]



“Recommendation for award of Distinguished Flying Medal,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 15, 2024,

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