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Sayer, Tom
Tom Sayer
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13 items. An oral history interview with Flying Officer Thomas Sayer DFM (1922 - 2021, 591744 54901 Royal Air Force), two log books, service material, newspaper cuttings and photographs. After training as a pilot in the United States of America, Tom Sayer flew Halifaxes with 102 Squadron at RAF Pocklington. He was commissioned in 1944 and became an instructor.

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Sayer, T

Collection Items

Fuel system diagram
Twin-engine aircraft fuel system diagram indicating tanks, non return valves and pilot's on-off cocks.

Tom Sayer was accepted in to the Royal Air Force as an apprentice and began training as a pilot as soon as he was old enough. He trained in the United States and on his return he was detached to Coastal Command. He completed eight operations…

Tom Sayer's  Royal Canadian Air Force pilot's flying log book. Book one
Royal Canadian Air Force pilot's flying log book for Sergeant Tom Sayer from 28 July 1941 to 17 December 1944. Detailing training and operations flown with Coastal Command and Bomber Command. After training in the United States and Canada he served…

Tom Sayer's pilots flying log book. Book two
Pilots flying log book for Tom Sayer, covering the period from 2 January 1945 to 7 January 1946. Detailing his instructor duties. He was stationed at RAF Sleap and RAF Tilstock. Aircraft flow were, Whitley, Wellington and Anson. In the log book are…

Tom Sayer in the United States
Four photographs from left to right.

1. Tom Sayer in khaki uniform with sleeves rolled up standing on grass in front of a building with window and screen door. Captioned 'Me'.
2. Group of four men and two women sitting on grass in civilian…

Operations with 102 Squadron Pocklington and  10 OTU detachment, St Eval
At the back a map showing targets for operations in the Ruhr and rest of Germany as well as France and north Italy. There are two indications for German night fighters damaged and shot down. At the top a newspaper cutting headlined 'Huge explosion in…

Tom Sayer outside Buckingham Palace with his parents
Tom Sayer at Buckingham Palace with his parents, John and Ella, about to be awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal. Tom Sayer in greatcoat and peaked cap stands between his mother and father both wearing civilian coats. In the background a crowd of…

First bomb
Air to ground photograph showing fields and hedges. There is a target triangle half way up on the right side. There is smoke from a practice bomb below and to its left. At the top, the bottom of a fuselage. On the reverse '1st bomb'. Captioned '102…

Tom Sayer's commissioning scroll
Commissioning scroll for Thomas Sayer dated 25 May 1944 as Flying Officer, signed 'George R.I.'.

Tom Sayer
Head and shoulders portrait of Tom Sayer wearing peaked cap a tunic with pilots brevet and medal ribbons including the Distinguished Flying Medal.

Tom Sayer flying instructor's certificate
Made out for Flying Officer T Sayer for Category 'C' on 3 Jan 44 and 'B' on 25 July 45 as flying instructor for aircraft types Oxford, Whitley and Wellington.

Harvard landing
On the left side a Harvard with main wheels on the ground and tail wheel still up landing on a grass surface. In the background a track and low trees. On the reverse 'One of the boys landing on satellite drome at Eglin Field, Florida'.

Tom Sayer's crew
Seven aircrew, Leslie Jones, Tom Sayer, Joseph Muldoon, Leonard Hancock, Brendon Reele, James Kid and Hugh Billbrough, three sitting on a concrete path in front, four standing behind all wearing battledress.

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