Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Writes about weather over year's holidays. Reports content of cable she send previous Saturday. Says how important cables are to her as no letters for some time. Wonders whether when he returns they will still live in their small industrial town. Catches up with gossip and family news. Mentions letter about an organisation being set up to aid troops and prisoners of war asking for his address and anything that he required. Passed on list of items requested and type of cigarettes. Discusses other correspondence. Comments on some content of his letters and photographs he sent.




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Two page handwritten letter


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[underlined] 80 [/underlined]

191 Halifax Road,
Nelson Lancs/. [sic]
Monday. Sept. 14th./42

My dear Douglas.

This is a beautiful Autumn morning, with mist, & a rising sun which gives promise of a glorious day. We have been very fortunate with weather for our holidays this year. The June holiday was the best weather of the year & now this weekend (after a very poor spell of cold & wet) is grand again.

On Saturday I went into Nelson & sent the following message by cable. "Delighted cable received eighth. Twelve letters June 5th to July 17th. Dads holiday weekend. Staying home. Pleasant Autumn day All love Hudson." As I keep on Saying [sic] these cables are priceless to me. It would seem a very very long time to wait from July 17th for news of you. Some of your letters (June 15th & 17th) brought anxiety too, but I am trying to develop a strong belief in fatalism. Some-times I feel absolutely bewildered & very distressed but the mood passes & I realize that in quietness & confidence is my strength. I wonder, if, when you come back we shall still live in this small industrial town. The country around is very beautiful & with congenial companionship I would be very happy. Last night our neighbour called to ask us to go for a walk. Of course Dad wouldn't - refuse

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to go with him. I loved it, but how I did [one indecipherable word] of you & wish we could have [two indecipherable words] beauty together. On Saturday morning Dad had a letter from Mr Mackenzie of Messrs Jaffe & [underlined] Sons [/underlined] asking for your address. He said they had formed "a staff-comforts for troops & prisoners of war fund" & wished to know if you had any special desires & what brand of cigarettes you would prefer. So Dad told him your comforts would be books, socks, & soap, & tobacco for pipe-smoking, & your favourite cigarettes were Capstan, Players & Churchman. The letter was forwarded from Kersal. Although Jaffe's have this address, or should have, as Dad wrote to them from here acknowledging their Christmas gift. I suggested in a recent letter that you wrote to Mr Allan. It will be as well to keep in touch don't you think./. [sic] Well love I keep on reading your last lot of letters & do hope you are now enjoying cooler weather. Perhaps you will tell me the name of your friend from Wales. I like to picture the different boys. No doubt the pictures are all wrong but they bring some little interest until the time arrives for which we live & you can tell us of your strange life & adventures. Three years ago just at this time we were spending such happy hours together rambling in the Cheshire Lanes. There are no brambles around here no doubt the factory smoke has destroyed what [deleted] the [/deleted] bushes there were long ago. Goodbye now love, for a few more days - always nearer to the greatest day of all. Our love & thoughts - & prayers are ever with - you. Mother & Dad
[inserted 755052 Hudson Camp Militaire Laghouat. Algerie. [/inserted]



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