Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Comments on recent letter of how weary he must be of monotony and unchanging scene and how they are coping. Pity that the work for the camp newspaper has ceased. Mentions parcels not arriving and his report of spider. Comments on weather and recent arrival of letters from him.




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[inserted] 18-9-42 [/inserted]
191 Halifax Rd.
Nelson Lancs.
Wed. a.m. August 19th/42
My dear Douglas.
The letter received from you on Wednesday [inserted] written 3/6/42 [/inserted] was not written in your usual cheery spirits & I am wonderingly anxiously about you all this long time. Of course I know just how utterly weary you must become, of the monotony of the daily round & the unchanging scene & there is so little I can do to relieve the conditions – just keep on writing my little bits of news & sometimes I find it difficult, too. You will remember only too well the circumstances that used to “irk” you so much in the long quiet evenings. I get [underlined] all [/underlined] the benefit ? Of that now & not only in the evenings. At meal-times too & believe me there are very many occasions when it is difficult to refrain from a mild form of hysteria. But always the mood passes & there is ever the great kindness which just makes conditions “livable”. And so we go on = always looking forward & hoping ever for brighter days. I have been very disappointed that all news of your Camp Echo has ceased. Has the work on it ceased also? I used to feel so glad to think of you with happy & congenial work (there is nothing more useful for passing time) & your last letters do not mention it so I am wondering. The little parcel I tried to send to you by Air Mail is still here. I am waiting
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to hear that you have received one parcel before I open it. I will send the letter on to you. The contents of the parcel will be useless as it has been packed since February. It was horrible reading of the Tarantula in your room. I sincerely hope you do not receive many such visitors. We are nearing the end of August & we hope the end of vermin – flies etc. Last night the dining reminded me of the first night at Worsely, but before we closed doors & windows for the night I spent some time with the fly-spray & there wasn’t one fly to be seen when we got up this morning. It is a pleasant Autumn morning with sunshine & a light haze which gives promise of great heat. We were awakened in the night by a terrible rain storm but all traces had gone when we got up. The ground dries up so quickly here. We have so much wind. This morning altho’ so bright & pleasant we have a mild gale & the wind is howling around the house as tho’ it was winter. In my letter written on Monday I told of a new batch of letters 3 Friday 1 Saturday & 1 Monday making 5 altogether the latest date June 3rd. These letters bring great joy to me & I am always looking forward to having them. I sent you a cable on Saturday as follows “Delighted cables August ninth & twelfth, four letters today, making 22 letters since July eleventh. Hope parcels arrive. All love Hudson.” The letter of May 27th contained the enlarged snap = making 14 photos in last batch of letters. Good isn’t it. You know just how delighted we are to have them. Goodbye now love. As ever all our love & thoughts & prayers. Mother & Dad.
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Laghouat Algerie.



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