Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Writes about inclement weather continuing and about the garden. Mentions that works closes for annual holidays the following week but that they would not be going away except to Manchester for a night. Writes that she had not received a reply to her latest cable. Comments on his involvement in camp news. It would be nice to find out if he had received any parcels and assumed Red Cross would let them know when they could send the next one. Mentions book she is reading and that she is enclosing two photographs,




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191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Thursday. June 18th/42
My dear Douglas.
When I wrote to you on Monday I told you of cold dreary weather not a bit like proverbial June & I regret to say that the inclement weather continues. Here we are within three days of the longest day & so far we have had about five days of summer weather. But strangely enough in spite of all climatic short-comings the pageant of summer unfolds bringing much joy to me & my garden is a never ending source of pleasure. I have told you how similar it is to the one at Kensal & we have now got it to look more like our own. Dad does the mowing & a splendid job he makes of it too. I’m afraid my little apple tree looks rather feeble & visions of nice juicy apples seem very remote. I told you in a previous letter about the marrow plant. I shall be thrilled to bits if I am able to collect my own marrows. Next Friday the works close for the annual holiday but we shall not be going away except to Manchester. We might just call at No 10 Moorside Road to enquire how things are going there. We have not heard a word from them since we sold the house. I am looking forward all the time to the grand holiday we hope to enjoy together.
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I have not yet received the reply to my cable of June 6th but am not really surprised in view of the very distressing news from Libya. I can well imagine that Telegraph services will be fully extended. Your latest letter to us was dated March 11th & I am always wondering how things are going with you. I am glad you have found a real interest in your “Camp Echo” & hope you will be able to keep it going. What kind is your type-writer? The old Oliver is still here tho’ I doubt if it will ever be any use. I wonder if it would be worth trying to sell it, but perhaps it is too obsolete to have any financial value even in war-time. It would be nice to learn that you had received any [inserted] of, [/inserted] or all the parcels. I suppose the Red Cross will notify me when I can send your next quarterly one but what ever to put in it I can’t imagine except socks & shoes. Cable any requirements. My latest book is by Warwick Deeping “The woman at the Door”. Queer title but a very good beginning! Well love there doesn’t seem to be much news to give you. The two snaps enclosed were taken two weeks ago last Sunday to complete the exposure of the roll of film put in last summer. The smile is all for you but was caused by Dad grumbling that my hat covered my face too much & made me look like a black woman. Yes love you have seen the hat before so no rude remarks this time Goodbye once again. 3 days nearer the greatest day. Always all our love & thoughts & prayers. Mother & Dad.
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Laghouat Algerie
North Africa.



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