Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Reports arrival of a single letter from him dated 1st March and presumes many missing. Good to know that he is getting regular supplies of tea and states that she sent him a parcel three weeks ago containing soap.socks and towels. Mentions she believes red cross parcels take eight months to reach destination. Reports other correspondence from Red Cross concerning letters and parcel. Anxious that they had not received response to last two cables. Catches up with news of activities and family. Mentions that they will not go away for summer holiday this year and that she will send him another cable for his birthday.




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[inserted] 8 a.m. Tuesday Delighted 6 letters just arrived [/inserted]
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[underlined] 44 [/underlined]
[inserted] 30-6-42 [/inserted]
191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Monday. 18/5/42
My dear Douglas.
You can imagine, can’t you, just what a joy it was to receive a letter on Friday morning – a few minutes before I set out to Calverley. It was (is) dated 1/3/42 & is the only letter we have had since those of which I have frequently told you, the latest being January 9th. As you will realize I do feel to have missed so much. One thing you mention, in a casual way, which means you have told it, before, is the publication of the “Camp Echo”. I should have been so very interested to learn about it. At any rate we are thankful indeed to have some news, however little. It is good to know you are getting regular supplies of tea etc. About 3 weeks ago I sent off a parcel containing 6 tablets Lifebuoy toilet soap 2 pairs grey socks 2 hand towels & an oiled silk sponge [inserted] bag [/inserted] which I thought would be useful to hold all your odds & ends. I am afraid it will take a long time to reach you. I understand that the Red X parcels take about eight months to get to their destination so you should have it about Christmas time. I had a brief note from the Red X on Thursday telling that they had received the parcel, which had been censored, & would be despatched immediately. I had previously received a note from the Red X re the address of letters to you & it seems I have been quite in
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order in addressing them direct to the camp at Laghouat & not to the American Consul. I am rather anxious at not receiving replies to my last two cables dates April 29th & May 13th. We were hoping they would be waiting for us on our return from Horsforth last night but no luck. I went to Calverley on Friday a.m. & had lunch with Auntie Maud & tea with Grandad & Auntie Dorothy. Dad came along by bus in the evening. We met at the New Road End & proceeded to Victoria Mount together. We were very sorry indeed to find Uncle ill in bed with the old trouble. The doctor has told them there is no cure but another operation but they dread that & are trying to carry on without. Uncle seemed better when we left after lunch yesterday & if he is fit they are going to Morecambe next weekend as it is Whitsuntide. Dad does not have any Whitsuntide holiday but the summer holiday starts at the last Friday in June. There will be no going away this year. Well love tomorrow I intend to go to town to send a cable for your birthday. You should have two or three Greetings cables as we hear of a few well-wishers who have asked for your address. Here’s another quotation from today’s Mail “Neither distance, nor time, can separate, where there is love.” which is the way I would assure you that we think of you always & send you all our love & thoughts & prayers from Mother & Dad
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Laghouat Algerie
Afrique du Nord.



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