Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Mentions visitors arriving next day and comments on the weather. Discusses the rent for their house and issues. Still awaiting replies to her cables and mentions problems with them. Wonder s if he is getting their letters and numbers them so he will know if any missing. Catches up on news of friend who was killed and another who was missing. Mentions her roses and concludes with chat and gossip.




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191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Thurs. April 2nd 1942
My dear Douglas.
I have just seen Dad off on his “duties” so will send you a few lines before my visitors arrive tomorrow. I am afraid I shall not have much opportunity for writing at the weekend but you know just how much you are always in my thoughts. This has been a marvellous Spring day. Sunshine all day long & visibility wonderful. The hills stretch far away & many of them are still covered with snow. There has been a strong wind (& a cold one) & our “lake” has rippled & sparkled in the sunshine & has given me a great deal of pleasure. Our land-lady, who is quite a young person, has just been for the month’s rent in advance. 30/- a week is really ridiculous for this house but the situation is so pleasant & is perhaps worth a little extra. Last month I applied to have the rent reduced to 27/- shillings but nothing doing. When we came here the demand for houses was so great that owners could get just what they asked. Today I met Eric Pickles’ sister, Mrs Baker, & her husband, in Nelson, & we had a little chat. Mr Baker was in naval uniform but I do not in what capacity he serves. I am still awaiting replies to my cables, both the one sent on Tues & the one returned two weeks ago for revision. I have wished since I returned it that I had made a copy & sent the message back to you but
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just didn’t think of it at the time. I wonder if you are receiving most of my letters. The numbers will help you to check up. I have told you that Louis Murray was killed when the bomber crashed in England. He was buried at Stretford on the first Friday in March. Mrs Clayton has sent me a copy of the letter from the captain in charge of the ‘plane. It is a splendid tribute to the boy’s memory & I am sure will be a comfort to his Mother. I have also told you in very recent letters that Mrs Holmes sent me the sad news that Ted Hole is reported missing in Malaya & in the letter invited me to spend the following Thursday with her. But on the Wednesday I learnt by wire & letter that she had died very suddenly on the Tuesday night. I went to Skipton on the Friday & had lunch with Mr & Mrs Hole before going on to the funeral. I was very sad to say Goodbye to a very dear friend. I am praying & hoping all the time that we may soon have good news of Ted. He was such a dear boy. Well love the Easter holiday is just beginning & memories will crowd around. My roses are still in bloom & ever beautiful. Dad seems quite excited about Uncle & Auntie coming tomorrow. He finished at the Works tonight until Tues. morning & I hope the rest will be beneficial. The firm have just had a full size billiards table fixed in the “watch” room & Dad was expecting to have a game tonight. It will be a change won’t it. I wonder if you have got your cigarettes yet & if you think it worth while sending them. The parcel from the State Express Company cost 10/-. Now love the page is filled again so Goodnight & All our love & thoughts & prayers. Easter greetings from Mother & Dad.
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Laghouat Algerie.



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