Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Reports arrival of three letters from him and answers some things about their Christmas. Catches up with news of family and mentions plans for Easter. Writes of how they are getting on. Catches up with local gossip and news.




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Two page handwritten letter and envelope


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Kreigsgefangener Post
Service des Prisonnier de Guerre
[inserted] 129 [/inserted]
[BY AIR MAIL stamp]
[postage stamp]
Prisoners of War Post
755052 Sgt. J. D. Hudson
Interned British Airman
Camp Militaire
Afrique du Nord.
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Mrs Hudson
191 Halifax Road
[three stamps]
[inserted] 21-5-42 [/inserted]
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[inserted] 129 [/inserted]
[underlined] 29 [/underlined]
191 Halifax Road
Nelson. Lancs.
Wed. a.m. 25th/3/42
My dear Douglas.
You will easily imagine our joy at receiving two letters from you on Monday morning dates December 26th & January 9th & another this morning date January 2nd. It is such a great relief to us to have news of you & to know how things are going. Yes love we should be sure to be awake at 1 a.m. on Christmas morning as we did get to Uncle Walter’s & had, as you can imagine a very happy time. I did not cable the news as I sent a message for Christmas & I knew we should only be away 2 days owing to the difficulty of war-time travel. We went on Thursday afternoon & were home again for lunch on Saturday & I hope you have got the letter telling of your cable awaiting us which had arrived on Christmas Day. This morning I have a letter from Auntie Una accepting our invitation to stay with us at Easter, but, like Dad, Uncle is on duty on Thursday night so they cannot come before Sat. Also this morning I have a letter from Marjorie asking “are you still at the same address” as she want to write. Poor child!! She seems to have troubles & anxieties too tho’ David [underlined] is [underlined] in a reserved occupation & as you
[page break]
know Marjorie & Auntie have no financial anxieties & believe me that must be a great comfort & relief. Dad & I have had severe difficulties since those last unhappy months at Kensal & are only just beginning to pull out again. Dad’s remuneration here is the same as Buckley’s but the heavy strain of war time expenses, & the very heavy taxation, presents many difficulties. Sometimes I get very depressed especially on dull days but when the sun shines my spirits rise & I decide that its no good worrying. (yes rrs) A strange occurrence (should there be 2 rss) yesterday I spoke to a lady who lives across from us I had heard that she was fretting a great deal as her only son, in the R.A.F. has been sent abroad. In the course of conversation I learnt that the late Jack Parkinson of Wilmington was her nephew & that the other brother Roy was 21 in February & is a photographer in the R.A.F. & that he has a good billet here in England & that Jack’s wireless set is in his bedroom. So you see the set did arrive safely & I know you will be interested to learn of this. Each morning this week we have had fog early but later the sun has dispersed all gloom & we’ve had lovely spring days. I’ve loved to read of your versatile company at Christmas & New Year & am glad you have so much talent. It is very helpful for passing time. No need to say how we re echo your sentiments re next Christmas. All our love & thoughts & prayers. Mother & Dad
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Laghouat Algerie.



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