Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Writes that spring is on the way and comments on the weather. Wonders what conditions were like in his camp and whether he managed to keep warm and had enough food. Recounts recent visit by a friend. Relates newspaper article about a scheme for standardisation of clothing. Catches up with family news. Two lines censored concerning RAF experimental work. Newspaper cutting announcing death of Lt Louis Murray attached to RAF lost on air operations stuck on bottom corner.




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Two page handwritten letter


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191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
4/3/42 Wednesday 7-30 a.m.
[inserted] 14-4-42 [/inserted]
My dear Douglas.
March 4th & Spring well on the way once again. This morning the wind is howling away, very true to type of March, but the snow is going very rapidly now & there are many little green shoots in the garden now. You know just how much they mean to me. As soon as I opened the door this morning there was my dear blackbird just beginning its song. It is always very wonderful to me. I remember last year the song became so loud & persistent that we felt to have more than enough but after the long severe winter the song of the birds brings great pleasure. Our “lake” is still frozen though the ice is now beginning to look more transparent. Always I am wondering what conditions you have in camp. It is very easy for me to visualize elemental conditions – the lovely sunrises & sunset the storms of sand & wind & rain, the heat, but not the cold & how I do hope that you have been warm & had enough to eat during these long winter months. As I have mentioned in recent letters Mrs Clayton stayed with us from last Wednesday to Saturday & how we did argue!! You know how Dad loves an argument! He got quite “peeved” about it. He would be surprised if he knew that we even “argued” him. Mrs Clayton contends that his influence for good on all the
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people with whom he has come in contact is boundless. I myself fear it is very limited but there it is. At any rate – his kindness is indisputable. I have just picked up the morning paper & this is what I read.
“Sir Thomas Barlow (you remember him don’t you) Director of Civilian clothing is preparing a scheme to put 2/3rd of the civilian population into standardised clothing, shorter skirts, trousers without turnups & coats with buttonless sleeves, & in order to stop extravagance & unnecessary expenditure there will be a very great reduction in the variety of colours & styles” Hope we have nothing more to worry us than that. Dad rang Auntie Maud up on Monday & learned that Uncle Jim is improving nicely, though still in bed. Dad intends to go over for the day on Saturday. Now love I have left my saddest news until the last. I know just how shocked & grieved you will be (as we were on Monday) to learn that Louis made his last journey at the end of February. I told you in my last letter that he was engaged on experimental work for the R.A.F. & [censored words] He was buried yesterday at Stretford. I tried to get flowers to send from Nelson but was not able to do so owing to very difficult wartime conditions. The funeral was at 12 noon so I could not have got there in time I wrote to Mrs Murray as soon as Mrs Clayton’s letter came on Monday & told her I knew you would wish to be associated with us in our message of sympathy. Will send you any further news. All our love & thoughts & prayers from Mother & Dad.
755052 Hudson

Camp Militaire
Laghouat. Algerie.
[inserted] MURRAY. – Second Lieutenant LOUIS BINGHAM MURRAY, R.A. (A.A.) attached R.A.F. aged 23 years, youngest son of Mrs. R. M. MURRAY and the late G.B. Murray (Customs and Excise), of 11, Old Hall Road, Stand, Whitefield, in February officially reported to have lost his life as a result of air operations. Interment Stretford Cemetery this day (Tuesday), at twelve noon. [/inserted]



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