Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Copies words of cable sent the previous day mentioning important anniversary over which she reminisces. Mentions snow on two days of previous week. A year since they received the first letter from him. Writes that she sent him two calendars and mentions what she is reading. Continues with news, chat and gossip. Mentions ration books for tinned food and comments on available food.




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Two page handwritten letter and envelope


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[inserted] 83 [/inserted]
191 Halifax Road
Nelson. Lancs.
Englands [sic]
Sunday 9th Nov. 1941.
My dear Douglas.
Yesterday I sent a cable with the following message. “Delighted cable thirtieth Eagerly await letters. None for seven weeks. Prestwick anniversary today “All love Hudson.” Really no need for me to remind you of the momentous anniversary. Since Friday I have just lived again all the changing experiences of that weekend, the agony of parting – the pride of giving my most precious treasure – the joy of hope. You can imagine my emotions when I remember that I still have my treasure & my hopes & I am indeed thankful. Every day is so full of treasured memories. I have written many letters since wintry conditions arrived here, but it seems that you may not have got them, so much of my writing is repetition in the hope that you may get news to keep you in touch. We had snow on two days during the last week in October but it was very light & did not stay. It was a year ago on the fifth of November that we had our first letter from you in Africa. It was & still is, worth many times its weight in gold, & always I’m looking joyously towards
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the day when we may reread all the precious letters together & then close a long chapter in our lives, which has been full of care & anxiety.
On Friday I posted a small calendar to you & also one to Tony & do hope they will reach you. A week before that I sent a longer one to you by ordinary mail. The two small calendars sent are book marks & are intended to convey much love & wishes for Christmas. I’ve just been reading a book by Dornford [deleted] Yates [/deleted] Yates called Jonah & Co. It is several years old but I did enjoy reading it. A very cheery happy story & if you can get it from the library I’m sure you’d like it for light reading. Well love I’m writing my letter in between my culinary efforts. The joint is there, but only just, & as was the case last week, needs judicious carving to make the very most of it. On Monday next we have to collect a third ration book, this time for tinned food, chiefly, meat & fish. I often wonder how you get along for food & do hope you are still able to get enough. Do you get tomatoes yet? My grocer (who grows them himself) still brings me 1/2 lb each week. It seems rather wonderful to me. I don’t remember buying English tomatoes at this time before. They are very cold to eat. Like ice when first put in my mouth but they taste good – probably because we’ve not much fruit. Apples are 1/3 lb & poor little things at that so I don’t buy them. Now love goodbye once again. All our love & thoughts & prayers from Mother & Dad.
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Laghouat Algerie North Afrique



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