Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Mentions fathers letter sent previous day and that 6 letters from him had arrived. Good that they receive his letters safely if sometimes out of sequence. Mentions his comments on his weather and says that winter is now approaching with blackout times back to 7.50. Writes of her activities and that she is still waiting his photographs. Writes about broadcast by Red Cross asking relatives of prisoners of war who have received photographs from camps to loan them to the Red Cross to help keep records. Mentions that a sergeant pilot (George Fenton) who appeared in film 'target for tonight' had gone missing. He was an old Mancunian. Continues with other news and gossip, glad to hear he is continuing with boxing and discusses methods of getting mail to him.




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191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Monday Sept. 15th/41
[inserted] 67. 6-11-41 43. [/inserted]
My dear Douglas,
I hope that when you get this letter you will have previously had one from Dad posted yesterday. We had six letters from you last week, written in June & early July, & it is about 3 weeks since we had a letter dated Aug. 2nd. It is strange how the length of time before delivery varies, but it is very wonderful really that we do receive the letters safely tho’ as you say they are somewhat out of sequence. [indecipherable words] letters written from May 29th to mid July & now I have dated each envelope which makes more interesting reading. I am surprised to learn of the very changeable weather, but it is a good thing you do get the cooler evenings, otherwise I imagine that the heat would become unbearable. We feel to be rapidly approaching winter here, with black out time 7-50, & tonight it is quite cold – clear frosty cold with a beautiful sunset. It reminds me of a little walk we once took together through Alder Forest Park. Today I’ve been busy changing beds round ready for Grandad’s visit tomorrow. He is coming all
[page break]
The way by taxi & I do hope it will be a nice day as it is a very pleasant ride. I am still eagerly waiting for your photograph. Tonight an appeal from the Red X has been broadcast asking parents & relatives who have received photographs from prison camps to send them – on loan to the Red X organisation to help to keep records. What a marvellous work it is! I read in yesterday’s Chronicle that Sergeant Pilot George W. Fenton who figured in the film “Target for tonight” is reported missing. Fenton is an Old Mancunian who was twice boxing champion of his school a well known amateur swimmer & was a full-back for Broughton Park. He took up flying after a football accident. Did you know that? I remember you did not have [indecipherable words] in the Manchester Swimming Club days. I was so pleased to learn you are persevering with your boxing, & am just longing for news of you since August 2nd. I’ve only sent two letters to via Tangier. Do you wish me to continue to send some that way occasionally? I wonder if you’ve ever written to Jaffe’s. Do you think it might be wise to keep in touch with them occasionally – or don’t you? Well love the time to say Goodbye is here again. Last year at this time days just dragged wearily & hopelessly away. It is such a joy to me to look forward always to days of glad reunion again. How is the baby jackal? Hope you won’t keep it too long. Goodnight & God bless you always.
All our love
Mother & Dad
755052 Hudson J.D.
Camp Militaire
Afrique du Nord.



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