Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Reminisces and writes that she is thinking of him and has re-read all his letters since his last leave in England. Tells him about decorators arriving and work they are doing. Mentions father getting £4 as his share of sale of some gold coins. Mentions neighbour delivering tomatoes and having their own potatoes from garden for supper.




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Two page handwritten letter and envelope


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[envelope front]

EXAMINER 4100[?]
Prisoners of War Post.
[deleted] Rev. H. W. Cummins[?], address at Afrique du Nord. [/deleted]
[inserted] Mr. Hudson, 43, rue d’Isly, ALGER. [/inserted]

[/envelope front]

[page break]

[envelope reverse]
From Mrs Hudson
191 Halifax Road, Nelson, Lancs.
[inserted] 16-9-41. [/inserted]
[envelope reverse]
[page break]

191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Monday. Aug. 25th

My dear Douglas.

All day I’ve been remembering this day’s anniversary, when the greatest adventure began. And how I have wanted you to know that you have been so much in my thoughts: [indecipherable word] imagination I have travelled the way with you again but journey’s end I cannot visualise & just keep on wondering. It seems a very long time since it all began, though the days, which are usually so very busy, pass so quickly along[?]. During the past week I have read & reread your letters sent since your last leave in England. There is one written on Aug. 22nd which is priceless. There is no doubt that it saved[?] my reason[?] when the shock came a year ago. I have many treasures. My little necklet is worn constantly, waking & sleeping & in consequence has lost much of its pristine beauty, but to me it is like the letters, priceless. Tomorrow I am going out first things to send you a cable in the hope that you will get it on Aug. 27th. [paragraph symbol] We’ve had very queer weather during this month of August & have kept

[page break]

saying how unusual for such cold weather in August. But your letters of a year ago tell of the extremely chilly conditions so it just shows how short our memories are. [paragraph symbol] Well love I started this week, today, in very busy[?] mood. The decorator arrived at 8 a.m. & has made a real mess plugging walls, stripping them of old paper etc. But they were very very shabby & dirty & our landlady is paying for the work to be done & we hope to have the pleasure of it. [paragraph symbol] Dad had a nice little surprise today – a cheque for £4/16/- from Uncle Jim. The money was a fifth part of the proceeds of the sale of two gold coins which have been in the possession of the family since 1880. We hope they’ll find some more similar treasures.
My writing has just been interrupted by our neighbour bringing us 1lb of tomatoes. He visited a relative near Blackpool yesterday & came home with 4lbs & as they are very scarce indeed here he will have no difficulty in distributing them amongst friends. For dinner tonight we had potatoes dug yesterday from the garden of our other neighbour in Chester. They are most generous & we are able to help each other a little by exchanging surplus food. Now, love, the clock says time to say Goodnight once again & I am doing so by quoting your last letter to us a year ago. “Keep a stout heart & remember we are [inserted] I am [/inserted] thinking of you always”. All our love. Mother & Dad.



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