Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Awaiting first letter from Aumale and comments on weather. Notes they have not had to have a fire for weeks despite being told when they moved how cold it was there. Catches up with news and gossip and notes his photograph still has pride of place in the dining room. Continues with more description of house and concludes with news of activities.




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Two page handwritten letter and envelope


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Prisoners of War Post.
[inserted] 154 [/inserted]
[BY AIR MAIL stamp]
[postage stamp]
Rev Mr H. W. Cummin
[deleted] c/o I. W. Warren Esq.
British Post Office
Tangier [/deleted]
[inserted] 43 rue d’Isly Alger [/inserted]
Afrique du Nord.
[page break]
Mrs Hudson
191 Halifax Road
[three postmarks]
[inserted] 18-8-41 [/inserted]
[page break]
[inserted] GREEN-LANDER.- On July 5, at Worsley Church, L/Sgt. JOSEPH RENWICK GREEN, only son of Mrs. Green and the late Mr. Green, to JOAN ELIZABETH. I. only daughter of Mr and Mrs. LANDER, of Worsley. [/inserted]
[inserted] 54 [/inserted]
191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Tues. July 29th 1941.
My dear Douglas.
I am still eagerly awaiting my first letter from Aumale & am wondering all the time if you are all right. We have had some lovely weather, which we have so much enjoyed. but yesterday afternoon there was a change, a short shower of much-needed rain, but only enough to darken the soil in the garden, & this morning is decidedly cool & I think I must light a fire. Except for airing clothes we’ve been without fires for weeks, quite a record in our married life. It seems strange, rather, as when we came here we were told by different people how cold it would be in the winter. At any rate we’ve had a very good start & I say to Dad if the winter [underlined] is [/underlined] very severe we can always look forward to the Spring-time knowing how much beauty & joy it will bring to us & hoping & praying most earnestly for a world wide peace, which will restore our dear ones to us again.
I have just been listening to a recording
[page break]
of Saturday’s commentary & how I did wish you were able to hear it. The old H.M.V. still functions, but the removal here did not improve it at all, & very often (tho’ not always) we listen in to the accompaniment of loud crackles, booms, etc. You remember the “antics” when the set was needing expert attention. Well of course old age is creeping on & it certainly does not improve with age. Your lovely photo still has its place of honour but this dining room is smaller & a different shape to Kensal & the set stands in a corner by the fire-place. The fire-place is so different. Instead of the pretty tiled one this is a more ancient structure of beautiful wood & mirrors & looks very comfortable & cheerful when a bright fire is burning in it. On August 10th we revert to Willett summer time & lose 1 hour’s daylight. We have just loved the long days & bedtime has shown marvellous sunsets which have previously meant time to prepare supper. I suppose the farmers find the extra summer time inconvenient, hence the reversion to one extra hour of daylight on Greenwich time. Well love my page is full again so I must say Goodbye & send this letter by Tangier in the hope of a more speedy journey. A tame thrush has been chirping just outside, all the morning. I wondered if it were seeking a young one. Last night a frog was hopping about the garden evidently pleased with the rain. All our love
Mother & Dad.
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Algerie Afrique du Nord.



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