Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Writes of cables sent and received and still awaiting next letter. Mentions correspondence from others and passes on news contained. Comments on good weather, state of garden and how much they like living in new home. Mentions trying to find Médéa in small atlas and says they likes the pictures of where he is.




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Two page handwritten letter with envelope


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755052 Sgt. J. W. Hudson
Hotel D’Oriénté
[deleted] Medae [/deleted] Aumole,

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Mrs Hudson
191 Halifax Road

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191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs
Thursday/ 29th May.

My dear Douglas.

Today I have sent a short cable assuring you that we are well. & that we received your very welcome message on May 22nd. We are very eagerly awaiting letters from you. It is many weeks since we had one. & the last p.c. we had was dated Jan. 17th [symbol] Dad & I had a very nice letter from Ted Hole who is stationed not very far from our old home. He called at No 10 & finding what we were away got out address from some one in the vicinity. He didn’t say who gave him the information but no doubt it would be Mrs Kay. He tells that they sold the Austin when both boys were mobilized but he intends that some of them will come to see us here “if ever we have to walk all the way” – about 13 miles. No doubt in the old days Mr Hole would have thought nothing about it, but poor health will now have curtailed his activities. Yesterday was a remarkable day & our outlook

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most beautiful with visibility for many miles. The light & shade effects gave me a great deal of pleasure & our garden is a joy. Masses of bright blue forget me nots white Anabis & yellow Leopand Baue – you know those big yellow daisies that grew so well at Ponsley – made a very pleasing picture. & we both simply love living here. The rooms inside the house are very small & much of the furniture is just pushed in. but everyone agrees that we have been fortunate to be able to rent a house in Nelson in such a pleasant situation. We area 2d bus ride from the town. but it is not a very great distance. Bus fares are much dearer here than in the large towns.

Well love we are wondering all the time how things are with you. I have searched in vain for Medea on our (or your) small map of Algeria. (School atlas you know.) I like to try to picture the place where you abide. & it is very likely that my imagination runs away with me. & I get the perspective all wrong. Your last letter was sent to Calverley for all to read. Uncle Jim was so delighted with it that he made copies to send to Marjorie & to Dorothy Cowling. Dorothy Calvert wrote by Air Mail to Le Kef. the day we had the cable with your new address. Wonder if any of the letters will reach you. Do hope you will get some of them. All love from
Mother & Dad.

755052 Sgt. J.D. Hudson
Hotel D’Oriénté



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