Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


No letters from him since December 18th. Mentions letter from friend mentioning first snow in Tunisia for 40 years. Writes about current cold weather. Mentions listening to radio and catches up with news, gossip and activities.




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Two page handwritten letter


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10 Moorside Road
Salford 7
Sun. Jan. 26th. 1941
My dear Douglas.
The days are passing one after another & I am so eagerly looking for my next letter from you. It does seem a very long time since the last letter came on Dec. 18th & the letters from the Air Ministry of Jan 6th & 20th were most reassuring. Just after Christmas I had a letter from Miss Morton. She had seen in the paper an account of snow in Tunisia – the first for 40 years. “So“ she said “Douglas has not quite missed the winter after all.” But I don’t think it will have been so severely cold with you in Le Kef as it has been with us. It has been bitter here ever since Christmas & again tonight snow is falling lightly & the skies were very leaden & heavy, before darkness fell. I am trying to write to you at the same time as I listen to Leslie Mitchell interviewing celebrities. I am wondering if you are listening too. I was so pleased when you wrote that you were able to
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listen to the radio. We don’t listen very much as you know but some how I always feel that it is a link between us – that we are both listening to the same sounds. On Friday I took my troublesome feet to Mrs Hazel & called to have a cup of tea with Mrs Clayton at 1-30 & was I cold? Dear! how I did think of you & the many cold visits which you endured. John is still at Harrogate & seems all right tho’ I don’t think he sends much news home. Mrs Clayton does not know anything about Dorothy but she does not think she is married yet. Well love there is not much news, as usual. Mr & Mrs Ellwood came to tea, as usual on Sunday, bringing Rip with them. I did wish you could see him sitting by my side begging, as I cut bread & butter. He is very sweet. Mrs Clayton’s “Whuffles” came & settled on my lap while I had my cup of tea, much to her surprise! She said it was not often so demonstrative. True to type! Eh! Now here’s Peggy chuckling away at Vic Oliver. He is a fool isn’t he & very versatile. Dad appears slightly bored & is concentrating on his book. Now goodnight & God bless. All love from Mother & Dad. Mrs Sentian came to say Goodbye yesterday. They leave tomorrow & are now going to live at Southport. We have more Jews coming as neighbours.
755052 Sgt. Chef. J. D. Hudson.
Camp de Sejour Surfeille
S/courert Commandant D’armes
El Kef.
Nord Afrique.



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