Letter from Douglas Hudson to his parents



Letter from Douglas Hudson to his parents


Letter number 11. Thanks them for their letter. Catches up on family news and financial matters. Mentions sending laundry parcel which also had some letters that he would rather they destroyed. Writes of having a shower and getting clean sheets. Relates a night out in town and mentions seeing two films. Discusses family health and catches up with family gossip. Says it has been warmer and that there were signs of spring. Completes letter later stating that it was midday when he got up as he was on duty the previous night.




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Five page handwritten letter with envelope


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[underlined] No. 11. [/underlined]
[postage stamp]
Mr. & Mrs. H. E. Hudson.
191, Halifax Road.
[page break]
Saturday. 1.10 pm.
My Dear Mother & Dad,
I am starting this letter now & I wish to thank you for your Friday letter just received, acknowledging receipt of my No. 10.
Do not bother sending the money from Jaffes, you might keep it and bank it with the other whenever convenient, say at the end of the month. I notice from an earlier letter of yours, that you banked the other money. Thank you for executing this commission.
I managed to send off my regd. parcel of laundry last
[page break]
evening from town so I hope it will reach you by Monday. I enclosed a few etceteras as usual, also some old letters which I would rather you destroyed than me. I don’t like burning letters but I get such an accumulation.
I managed to have a shower yesterday & change into my clean things. This also coincided with the arrival of a fresh supply of clean sheets which was quite satisfactory. We went to town last night; had a few beers & then went to the variety show at the Palace. We saw two films earlier in the week, Monday & Tuesday
[page break]
nights I believe, the first called ‘Stage Door Canteen’ which was poor, & the second film was about a dog & called ‘Lassie Come Home’ [inserted] Sorry [symbol] [/inserted] It would have pleased Mrs. Clayton more than it pleased us.
I am glad to learn that there is an improvement in the health of the invalid & I hope this will be maintained. I was glad to hear besides that Mother went to tea with Mrs. Howarth. I think this should be encouraged, whether she is a gossip or not, because I feel her outlook might be different to the average local outlook, if she is encouraged in
[page break]
the right direction.
It has been warmer these last few days & there are signs of spring in the country, but the vegetation is not as far advanced as it was in March last year. I will continue my letter later as there is no collection for mail today, so ‘bye for the present.
I am finishing this on Sunday night after having spent an easy day. It was mid-day when I got up as I had been on duty last night. This will be my letter No 11 & I think this will be all for now. All the boys are well & so is Rooster.
All my love & best wishes
[page break]
[underlined] Monday 12 noon [/underlined]
Thank you for your Sunday letter just received. Yes John is home & is trying to get leave so you should definitely be able to see him. I don’t know what to do. I wondered if I could get a “48” on compassionate grounds, but doubt if they would consider this a compassionate case. However, I feel very excited about it.
I haven’t heard any comments about the film called Heaven can wait, so I can only say I hope Mother will enjoy it.
I am busy today so must go now.
All my love



J D Hudson, “Letter from Douglas Hudson to his parents ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 1, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/22978.

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