Valentine, John. Ursula Valentine's newspaper cutting scrapbook


Valentine, John. Ursula Valentine's newspaper cutting scrapbook


131 items contained in a scrapbook. Mainly newspaper cuttings of events from May 1942 to 1945.

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Analysis of various authors ideas on international peace
Provides summary of views for future peace by J H Spaight, Lewis Watt, Charles Reith, Sir Hersch Lauterpacht and Air Vice Marshall Donald Bennett.

Rebuilding the continent
Letter to editor of the Times. Headlines: rebuilding the continent, future of German industry, potentialities for war. Disagrees with a Times correspondent that rebuilding of Germany's industry is essential to Europe's posterity and provides…

Hope of man
Article. General discussion based on Easter being season of hope. Mentions establishment of international law. Talks of Sir William Beveridge's book The Price of Peace"and Air Vice Marshal Donald Bennett's book "Freedom from War". Goes on to discuss…

Gallantry in Captivity
Article headlines: gallantry in captivity, awards to airmen, many lives saved in Germany. OBEs for Group Captain Laurence F Wray RCAF shot down March 1944 for work done on evacuation of Stalag Luft 3. Wing Commander (acting Group Captain) Henry…

Educational work
Article. States that educational work for prisoners in a number of camps was carried out by Flight Lieutenant F Harvey Vivian RAFVR also appointed MBE. Mentions he made two attempts to escape and describes evacuation of Stalag Luft VI by ship and…

IPF - international peace force
Article. Describes political and economic mechanisms for control of Germany after the war. Mentions that America, Britain, France and Russia would be responsible for separate zones of occupation. Goes on to discuss means to prevent recurrence of war.…

The Guilt
Article. Report on concentration camps recently overrun by allies. Asks who will be held responsible and then lists culprits and questions whether people hold any responsibility. Some discussion of totalitarian states and Nazism. Mentions Versailles…

Headline cuttings
Headlines: Hitler dead, no new overtures from Germany, Mr Churchill's hint of early statement, guidance over celebrations.

10,000 set free
Article about 7th armoured division liberating 6,500 British and american prisoners after capturing Fallingbostel. Camps were Stalag 357 and 11B.

They're here
Account of British tanks driving into Stalag belt and liberating prisoners. Story of Polish girl in Fallingbostel announcing to prisoners that British tanks were here. Accounts of liberated prisoners.

Slept in snow
Article: short piece about march after east Prussian prisoner of war camp was evacuated. 11 week journey, sleeping in snow, many died.

The Londoner column
Air Vice Marshal Bennett adopted as Liberal candidate at Middlesborough by-election. Sub-headlines include: rescued Sikorski, merged air force . Other headlines: eye-man in Burma, houses for bunkers, opposition. Photograph: full face portrait of Air…

Pathfinder Bennett has plan for peace
Article about book written by Air Vice Marshall Bennett on the future peace and his plan to achieve it. Includes full face portrait of Bennett wearing tunic and peaked cap.

Britain demands facts of prison shootings
Britain has demanded through the protecting power a full and immediate report on the shooting after a mass escape of 47 British, Dominion and allied air officers in prison camp Stalag Luft 3. 76 officers escaped on March 22. 15 had been recaptured…

Allies break into the Hitler line
Article concerning French and American troops breaking into Hitler line towards Santa Oliva. Sub-headline: tanks racing up for Liri valley battle.

Names of 47 officers shot after escape from Stalag Luft 3
Accounts of some of the officers shot: Flt Lt J G Stower, Flt Lt J F Williams, Flt Lt E G Brettell, Flt Lt M J Casey Flt Lt D. O Street. List of 47 Officers shot. Photograph of W.O Bristow and his model steam boat captioned 'An RAF sergeant at Stalag…

RAF Prisoners at Stalag Luft 3
Photograph of prisoners of war working. Shows six prisoners in various clothes standing, sitting or working on foundations of a hut.In the background other huts and trees. Captioned' RAF prisoners at Stalag Luft 3 laying brick foundations for a new…

Allies fighting in Jap Burma base
Article headlines: 'allies fighting in Jap Burma base', 'mortars and machine-guns', 'Japs cut off Chinese city', 'Mr Churchill's right hand man' (Lt Gen Sir Hastings L Ismay promoted).

Crimea: the final victory
Article headlines: Crimea the final victory, died in thousands, one-man rafts. Account of defeat of 40,000 man German 17th Army defending the Crimea.

Four cartoons

Article on Italian front
Mentions German defences across Liri valley and advancing allied tanks towards Acquino and Pontecorvo. mentions Polish troops and mopping up Germans at Cassino and other news from Italy.

MPs to hear report
Report stating that announcement had not been made as government wished to inform relatives of officers shot after escape from prisoner or war camp. Mentions Flying Officer G W Walenn.

Captive for 18 months
Article concerning Flying Officer Dennis Herbert Cochran and Flight Lieutenant J G Stower.

Male statistics
Shows statistics for occupation of males aged 14 to 64 between mid 1939 and mid 1944.

Manpower charts
Two charts showing what men did and what women did between 1939 and 1944
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