Letter to John Valentine from his wife Ursula



Letter to John Valentine from his wife Ursula


Writes of friend/family member coming home and potential visit to his family. Continues with news of activities including news that SSAFA client's sister's husband was prisoner of war of the Japanese and is due home shortly. Concludes with more gossip and plans over next days.




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Four page handwritten letter


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Sept 19th
Darling Johnnie,
I’m [underlined] so [/underlined] glad to hear that Leslie is coming home at last, I do hope he will manage to fit in a weekend here, he’ll be much in demand I fear! Yet I think it extremely likely that they will have a family reunion at Gable End, & I should certainly like to be there with Frances instead of pining at home without you. It might be possible for Bunty to arrange to farm us out, if she can’t put us up (as I don’t see how she could.) So if you
[page break]
could mention it if the invitation materialises, it would be nice. I have written to Bunty thanking her for the kettle & saying, in reply to her invitation for the 3 of us, that we’d better see what plans are made for Leslie first.
Frances & I went over to Little Chalfont yesterday on business & met [indecipherable word] & William in the village there. So Frances went back with them & had a grand afternoon playing with William while I interviewed my clients, & afterwards had tea with [indecipherable word].Tthey have a very charming house – she is expecting her husband home any day. Her sister Miriam has heard that her husband,
[page break]
a prisoner of the Japs, is safely out & on his way home. I enclose a letter from Mrs Hazard, no news there yet. We must invite them out here sometime, the trouble is our weekends are so short & precious. Still I suppose we must begin to share them with outsiders soon.
We’re going out to tea this afternoon (blast it!) so must go up & change, I suppose. Miss McLeod is home again now I am going to ask her to “listen for” Frances on Wednesday evenings while I go to a course of 12 lectures got up by the WEA on “19th Century”. I don’t think she
[page break]
need sit in the house really if I leave the back door open & the gap in the fence between us, so that she could get in quickly if Frances should call (which she never does.)
Hope you enjoyed your Variety show – I haven’t taken [deleted] l [/deleted] my bike to have the back mudguard fixed yet. I can’t spare it that long. If we do go away for a weekend I’ll take it in then. The front one & bell are very satisfactory anyway. I shall be interested to see what your ‘draught excluder’ is – by the way shall I have to pay 10D for it, I wonder?
Lots of love darling



U M Valentine, “Letter to John Valentine from his wife Ursula,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 29, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/20503.

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