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Quick letter as going off to daughter's dance class. Thanks for previous letter and comments on poor weather and her health.

Writes of friend/family member coming home and potential visit to his family. Continues with news of activities including news that SSAFA client's sister's husband was prisoner of war of the Japanese and is due home shortly. Concludes with more…

Writes it is a bad show if she cannot live with him after his next leave. Comments on his health issues and provides reasons for not writing previous day. Reports immanent arrival of vacuum cleaner and gardeners work. Catches up with news of family…

Apologises for ringing him and catalogues letters sent. Writes of daily gardening activities and jobs to do. Provides news of acquaintances who lost fiance.


She writes about her chores and her cousin becoming a Sergeant.

Writes acknowledging how good a husband he is and how much he loves her. She continues with speculation about her future and where she might go. Continues with news of daily activities including looking after her dog. Mentioned that she has enclosed…

Writes thanking him for his letter and news. Comments that they seem to agree that she should try and move nearer him if he could stay in current location. Comments that air raids haven't been heavy in her location but acknowledging that he was…
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