Partisans attack SS soldiers in a barn



Partisans attack SS soldiers in a barn


Men in khaki uniforms attack a stable where three German soldiers are hiding. A German soldier has been hit and is falling onto the ground, while two of the soldiers in khaki have also been hit and are falling down. One German soldiers is firing a sub-machine gun directly at his enemies, as is the partisan on the other side.

Inscriptions read “281” signed by the author; Caption reads “28 APRILE 1945. Attacco di patrioti in zona Rotonda a un gruppo di “SS” asseragliati in una stalla, nello scontro succedutosi, 3 tedeschi rimanevano uccisi, 3 patrioti feriti”.

Caption translates as: “28 April 1945. A group of Schutzstaffel soldiers, hidden in a barn, attack some patriots near Rotonda. Three Germans got killed and three patriots were injured in the conflict.”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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