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Made out for Flight Lieutenant Wakefield for refuelling, daily inspection (airframe and engines). Stamped 617 Squadron.

Instructions for a convoy of four sections of 30 vehicles and a fifth with the remaining vehicles. It details the route and where stops will be made.
There is a second copy.

A certificate issued by the Army of the United States to Brian Southwell. It states he has met the requirements for the Instrument Pilot Certificate.

Pietro Cosma (b. 1927) remembers the bombings of Milan and recollects two wartime anecdotes: the execution of a man in front of his home and Benito Mussolini’s corpse on public display in Piazzale Loreto. Describes wartime hardships: losses; food…

Men in khaki uniforms attack a stable where three German soldiers are hiding. A German soldier has been hit and is falling onto the ground, while two of the soldiers in khaki have also been hit and are falling down. One German soldiers is firing a…
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