Partisans storm the S. Gervasio garrison



Partisans storm the S. Gervasio garrison


Men have surrounded a house and captured two German soldiers. Guns are pointed at the surrendering men, who have their arms held up. In the doorway of a house, one of the soldiers is being searched. The partisans are wearing mainly everyday clothes but two are wearing military style caps. In the foreground, crates are in a pile with "100 H3" painted on in black.

Label read “279” signed by the author: caption reads “27 APRILE 1945. Il presidio Tedesco di S. Gervasio disarmato, e catturato da patrioti maranesi, con un bottino di 70 quintali di munizioni. S. GIORGIO di NOGARO. UD”.

Caption translates as: “27 April 1945. The German garrison in San Gervasio was disarmed and imprisoned by patriots from Marano who also found 7 metric tons of ammunitions – San Giorgio di Nogaro (Udine province).”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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