Postcard from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine



Postcard from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine


Writes that she has many things to do before her journey and is sorry that his Boxing Day activities were so beery. Mentions that Mrs Stenzel left that morning. Comments on weather and baby.



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Two sides handwritten postcard


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Sgt. J.R.M. Valentine
Sergeants Mess,
[underlined] Upper Heyford [/underlined]

[page break]
Monday 29.12.41
At the P.O.
Darling Johnnie,
Please excuse the haste, but there seems so many things to get done ready for the journey that life is a bit hectic. Thank you so much for the lovely long letter, I’m so sorry the Boxing Day festivities were so beery, & glad you were safely home & out of it for Xmas – tho’ I would have provide [sic] just one pint of beer if only I had thought of it & known in time.
Mrs S left this morning after breaking only one more thing, a glass flower stand to put inside vases. She [underlined] did [/underlined] have a run of bad luck & was so upset by the damage she did. But I think we gave her a happy Christmas & that was the main thing.
It’s really frosty today but Frances is sleeping out as soundly as ever.
I’m just longing for Thursday, my darling one. I’m going to send your washing in a parcel direct to Mrs Donovan, writing her before hand. All my love Ursula.



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