Letter from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine



Letter from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine


Jokes about receiving and envelope from him with nothing inside and wasting 2 1/2 pence. Writes of difficulties over allotment, disposal of crops and correspondence with town hall. Mentions presents for baby and her activities. Writes of packing and preparing to travel.



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Four page handwritten letter


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Lido, Jan. 28 Tues
Darling Johnnie, Today you gave me a new thrill, an envelope from you, a cryptic message on the back, & inside – nothing! What glorious, adorable extravagance! My little spendthrift!! Tuppence ha'penny on a mere envelope, expense no object!!! Nevertheless I hope the letter will follow in due course. I have been disposing of the allotment today. I had a fearful
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presentment that the gardener would let me down as everyone else does who works for me, but no, he turned up, somewhat late, & we went down to the allotment (after a large morning's washing!) & I dug up the 2 rows of decent leeks & brought them up & he transported the pea & bean sticks & all the remaining tools. I couldn't be bothered with the root vegetables, we have such masses still stored up at the house which will take us ages to at through & spring will soon be here. However, the leeks I brought & shall give some to Mrs Neal to make up for all she's going to do for me (paying gardener, laundry etc.) some to Ba, eat some & send the rest up to Aber, they're a fearful price
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in the shops. I've arranged with the gardener not to come again till March or when the weather is right for sowing & Mrs Neal is going to let him in & out & pay him. Of course he won't be able to work on the shelter till the ground is much drier, probably after the sowing.
This morning I had a communication from the Town Hall to the effect that my lease of the allotment expired on 31st Dec '40 & I must clear my veg. off in 7 days or else.... Now Mr Searle, the new tenant, works at the Town Hall. So I wrote them a letter, copy enclosed, & I only hope Mr Searle reads it. I have also written to Mr Thompson sending him a copy also & saying that this may be a manoeuvre to make us pay the rent, which we
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have no intention of doing since we paid under similar circumstances last year, & anyway the Clerk at the Town Hall said I needn't if another tenant took over; & asking Thomspon to stick up for us & for this Widow Sullivan of mine if trouble ensues. Mr Searle has very light blue eyes & I don't like him.
Yesterday Mrs Lowe came & brought me a lovely present for the baby, a blanket bag to keep the baby warm when travelling or in the pram I've often coveted one, but they're very expensive. Irene Galitzenstern also came to tea & we had a good chat. Tomorrow I'm going to see Mrs Stenzel, Thursday will be devoted to packing, & Friday – what was I thinking of doing on Friday?? I daren't think about it too much. I do hope you're feeling better & haven't got flu' but for heavens sake look after yourself if you do get it & don't attempt to come to meet me, I'll be OK.
I haven't been able to find anything on Aircraft Recognition apart from those you already have. Haven't had any cash from Touches yet! Its generally comes on 24th of month.
All my love, Ursula



Ursula Valentine, “Letter from Ursula Valentine to her husband John Valentine,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed November 27, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/19555.

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