Partisans being captured at casali Zapoga



Partisans being captured at casali Zapoga


A surprise attack by fascists is taking place in a room where three civilians are cooking food over an open fire. The civilians have been taken by surprise, knocking over a chair as one of them stands and a plate being dropped. The soldiers are pointing their guns at the civilians and the officer is gesturing with his left hand.

Label read “264” signed by the author; caption reads “1 APRILE 1945. Cattura da parte di repubblichini fascisti di 3 gap, Fernando, Guido, Dik ai casali Zapoga (Carlino) UD, causa delazione di un compagno, il solo Dik riusciva a fuggire, ma inseguito veniva raggiunto nella campagna. (1o)”.

Temporal Coverage

Spatial Coverage




One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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Angiolino Filiputti, “Partisans being captured at casali Zapoga,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 28, 2024,

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