Execution of seven partisans



Execution of seven partisans


Seven, bloodied men have been lined up against a wall to be executed. The men are chained together with their hands behind their backs. The soldiers are dressed in green and black and are preparing to fire their guns. An officer is hitting one of the men in the face and he is falling backwards. At the top of the wall, a small white cross can be seen and in the top left hand corner, a black and white photo has been inserted showing two men in civilian clothes.

Inscriptions read “265” signed by the author; caption reads ”9 APRILE 1945. RONCHI DI TERZO D’AQUILEIA UD, 8 patrioti, B.C. - I.F. - C.R. - B.O. - B.G. - A.G. - T.A. - M.E. Dopo subito il martirio alla famigerata caserma “Piave”, di Palmanova scortati da 10 fascisti, al comando di Rebez, vengono portati alla cinta del cimitero di Terzo d’Aquileia, e fucilati. Io vidi i loro volti, i loro occhi nella tensione della morte, erano aperti, additavano ai giovani delle nuove generazioni un domani migliore. (2o) Il loro sacrificio è stato vano? Sgorga ancora sangue oggi dall‘Italia.”

Caption translates as: “9 April 1945 – Ronchi di Terzo d’Aquileia (Udine province). Eight patriots (B.C., I.F., C.R., B.C., B.G., A.G., T.A., and M.E.) who were tortured at the infamous ‘Piave’ barracks in Palmanova, were escorted by ten Fascists, led by Rebez. They were chained together, standing by the cemetery walls in Terzo d’Aquileia, where they were shot. I saw their faces; their eyes, startled by death, were open, pointing to a better future for the upcoming young generations. (2) Was their death fruitless? Blood is still gushing from Italy‘s wounds.”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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