Reprisal at Fielis



Reprisal at Fielis


In a mountainous area, partisans are firing at unarmed civilians, causing confusion for both the civilians and their animals. One woman and three men have been hit by the gunfire.

Label reads “254”; signed by the author; caption reads “CARNIA. 19 Marzo 1945. In seguito all‘uccisione di un gendarme caucasico da parte di partigiani, fù operata una rappresaglia contro la popolazione di Fielis dove si diede a violenze di ogni sorta. Furono uccisi a fucilate 2 vecchi, uno dei quali morì dissanguato, senza che a nessuno fosse permesso di medicarlo. Frustate e battute a sangue, moltissime persone di ogni età e sesso, ma con particolare gravità il cappellano Don Paolo Min mentre dava l’assoluzione ad uno dei morenti, 60 case furono saccheggiate asportandone viveri, denari, oggetti di valore, calzature, lenzuola”.

Caption translates as: “Carnia, 19 March 1945. Following the killing of a Caucasian police officer by partisans, a violent reprisal was unleashed against the inhabitant of Fielis. Two old men were shot and killed. One of them bled to death because everyone was forbidden to help him. Many people, regardless of age and gender, were severely lashed out and hit. Amongst them, Father Paolo Min was assaulted while he was administering the last rites to a dying person. Sixty houses were looted: provisions, money, valuable objects, shoes, and sheets were stolen.”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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