Luftpost 25 September 1943



Luftpost 25 September 1943


The special edition covers Winston Churchill’s statement of 21st September 1943 to parliament on the war.

Churchill describes the war’s progress in North-West Africa, a springboard to further offensive action, following conferences with President Franklin D. Roosevelt in June 1942 in Washington and January 1943 in Casablanca. Erwin Rommel has been repulsed by Generals Alexander and Montgomery and Tunisia conquered. Following a further conference in Washington in May 1943, Sicily was captured in 38 days.

Churchill had also spoken to Stalin in Moscow. Russian armies have advanced 1,600 miles of the front.

Map showing changes to the frontline on the eastern front.

An ever increasing Anglo-American control of the air and expansion of Air Forces. Increased RAF air operations were increasingly accurate with reduced losses. A systemic destruction of German war production was taking place, which was diverting Germany from offensive capabilities.

Germany was likely to retaliate with new methods and weapons and Churchill would keep the House informed of how this would be addressed.

Map showing where German air defence will be forced to defend against offensives from West and South.

Describes how the U-boats have become less of a threat because of success of air operations and new ship building.

Quebec conference discussed the offensive against Japan in the Pacific with General Douglas MacArthur getting good results. Reduction in Japanese ships, air power and supplies.

25th July 1943 memorable date as Benito Mussolini deposed and the Badaglio government was created. Armistice signed in Syracuse on night of 3rd September 1943. Churchill expresses sympathy for the Italian population; they will become a free democracy. The German population have, however, caused three wars and Churchill stresses the need to destroy Nazi tyranny and Prussian militarism.

Photograph of allied troops landing in Salerno.



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