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Geach, David
D Geach


52 items. The collection concerns Warrant Officer David Geach (1394781 Royal Air Force) and contains his diaries, correspondence, photographs of his crew, his log book, cuttings and items relating to being a prisoner of war. After training in Canada, he flew operations as a bomb aimer with 623 and 115 Squadrons until he was shot down 24 March 1944 and became a prisoner of war. He was instrumental in erecting a memorial plaque to the Air Crew Reception Centre at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London.
The collection also contains a scrap book of photographs.

Additional information on his crew is available via the IBCC Losses Database.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Harry Wilkins and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Geach, DG

Collection Items

16 trainee airmen
16 airmen arranged in two rows. They are trainees and are wearing sidecaps with white flashes. They have a sign with 'Class 'K' Course 66 Air Bombers Dafoe - Sask.' On the reverse is written 'November 1942'.

Six airmen in the snow
A line of six airmen standing in the snow. Behind are buildings and trucks.

Len McCann
Len McCann wearing a greatcoat and cap.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Chateau Laurier, Ottawa
A large building, six storeys high, complete with dormer windows in the roof. In the foreground are three men in hats facing away from the camera. There is snow on the ground but the road has been cleared.

Three men
Three men in shorts, standing at the end of a footbridge

Eight men
Seven men in a row with arms around each others shoulders. On the left a boy is crouched down.

20 airmen
20 airmen arranged in two rows. The front row is seated with their arms folded. Behind is a bus. The second photograph is identical.

623 Squadron Downham Market. November 1943
Four rows of airmen arranged in front of a Short Stirling bomber. On the reverse '623 Squadron Downham Market. November 1943'.

David Geach
Head and shoulders portrait of David Geach. He is wearing a sidecap, greatcoat and a scarf. On the reverse is written 'David Geach' and is stamped '14 May 1941'.

Len McCann and an airman
Len McCann and an airman with a navigator brevet standing outside in winter. Behind is a leafless tree.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Five airmen
Five airmen outside a wooden building. Two are sitting on the steps with the other three behind. The ground is covered in snow but the steps have been partly cleared.

Fairey Battle in flight
Air-to-air image of a Battle in flight above the clouds.

Avro Anson landing
An Avro Anson landing, taken from the front.

Avro Anson
An Avro Anson image taken from the front/side.

Harvard in flight
An air-to-air view of a North American Harvard, RCAF 3838, 'DM' in flight, taken from the side.

Lockheed Electra
Lockheed Electra, RCAF 7841, taken from the side. This aircraft crashed on 26th January 1942 with seven fatalities.

Avro Anson
An air-to-air view of Avro Anson, 9725, in flight over prairies.

Fairey Battle
An air-to-air view of Fairey Battle, 1649, in flight. This aircraft was used as a target tug and was painted yellow and black. It was involved in a fatal crash in 1940.

Avro Anson Cockpit
A cockpit view of an Avro Anson, RCAF 9845.

The Observer Cartoon
A series of cartoons starring the Observer as the leader of the bomber crew.

11 airmen
A group of 11 airmen standing on the steps in front of a wooden building. The ground is covered in snow apart from the steps which have been cleared.

Town Hall and Theatre
Photo 1 is a few buildings, the largest having a Town Hall sign on the front. The ground is snow covered.

Photo 2 is a small wooden building with a sign 'Four Star Theatre'. The ground is snow covered.

Airmen on a pickup and a snow scene
Photo 1 is a group of four airmen on the back of a pick up truck. Behind is a chemist store.

Photo 2 is a snow scene. In the foreground is a wooden cross and in the background are some buildings. and a telegraph line.

Pin ups
Two images of pin ups, mostly head shots.

Brandon street scene
Photo 1 and 2 are street scenes taken from a raised elevation. There are no people or cars on the images.

Identification kindly provided by Gianluca Mazzanti of the Archeologi dell’Aria research group.
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