Letter of condolence to Hedley Madgertt's mother



Letter of condolence to Hedley Madgertt's mother


From Susan sending deepest sympathy. Hope for better news. Catches up with news. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.



Two page handwritten letter


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[diagonal] telephone 1109 [/diagonal]

[underlined] Friday [/underlined]

My dear Amy,
The paper received this morning, with the sad News [missing word] Hedley. We are both very sorry indeed, & you all have our deepest sympathy in your great anxiety. What a splendid record of his work & disposition he is a fine lad. We must hope for the best & trust you may yet get news of him. -
You will I know be rightly proud of his achievements - he certainly carried out his duties with courage & cheerfulness, which is a great test of his Character.
I'm afraid I have been very cowardly. We have so often talked of him & wondered how things were with him, but I hadn't the courage to write to you for fear of the worst happening to him, one feels

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the chances are so small for these young Pillots [sic] when going over Germany & elsewhere.
I have had a busy time lately, William had a very Severe heart attack in the night about 8 week ago.[symbol] & the Dr thought it was the end - but am glad to say that he has recovered wonderfully & is I think as well or a bit better than before his illness, he goes very carefully now, has not started work yet, he wants to do so if Dr will let him when he comes tomorrow. Of course he will not do as he did, but just something to break up the monotony of doing nothing. How is your younger Son - & what is he doing now. We shall be [indecipherable word] to know if you hear news of Hedley, & trust you will do soon - these are anx[missing letters]us days for Mothers & Fathers who have their boys in this terrible war. I hope you & your husband are well & will bear up under the strain, with my love & sympathy. Yours as ever
[underlined] Susan [/underlined]


“Letter of condolence to Hedley Madgertt's mother,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 10, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/18522.

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