Page 18 of D C Bradbury Scrapbook



Page 18 of D C Bradbury Scrapbook
Egypt and Palestine


Photo 1 - a night street scene, captioned 'Cairo Street en route to Palestine May 1946'.

Photo 2 - Denis sitting in uniform on a ship's railing. On a building is graffiti reading 'Nelson look at your heirs'. Above is the caption 'Palestine'.

Photo 3 - an airman standing in uniform holding a cup. He is at the corner of a building on a concrete path.

Photo 4 - a local man standing on the same corner as photo 3. He is wearing a skull cap.

Photo 5 - a street scene of women carrying amphora on their heads, captioned 'Nazareth'.

Photo 6 - a Lancaster and six airmen captioned 'Final crew Oct 1946 to March 1947 Pilot F/L Ron Wise.' In the background are three Spitfires.

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