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For Christmas 1946 - Middle East. Christmas greetings.

Leslie Curtis describes how, when flying from Gibraltar to Malta, his Wellington (Z8773) experienced engine failure and he was forced to ditch in the Mediterranean Sea. The sole survivor, Leslie was picked up after four days by the destroyer, HMS…

Lech Gierak was born in Poland and after the death of his father made his way to England and joined the Polish Air Force. He worked as an armourer on a number of stations and after the war moved to Stoke on Trent to become a miner. Lech talks about…

Harold Wakefield's RAF Navigator's, Air Bomber’s and Air Gunner's Flying Log Book, from 16th August 1943 to 16th August 1946, recording training, operations, instructional duties and Transport Command duties to India and the Far East as a Flight…

Titled - 'No?! I wasn't tipsey?'.
Left - three men dressed in robes sitting on the ground inside a building working. Mounted 90 degree anticlockwise, captioned 'Mother of pearl workers'.
Right - Stone building with arched doorway with two people,…

Figures standing praying at a high stone wall. Captioned 'The Jews "Wailing Wall"'.

Left - city wall on the right with fortified building in centre with tower. In the foreground a road with two figures with bundles on their heads. Captioned 'The Citadel, Arab man and woman in the foreground'.
Right - view of dome topped building…

Left - an very large ornate tomb in a church. Captioned 'The Tomb'.
Right - view through a belfry of two church bells with city in the background. Captioned 'Crusader Belfrey [sic] (with Mount of Olives in the distance)'.

Top - a fortified city gate with many people and camels in the foreground. Captioned 'Damascus Gate (Leading from the old city)'.
Bottom - an open area with trees and city walls in the background. Captioned 'Garden of Gethsemane'.

Top - a city street with buildings either side and and built up archway connecting them. Women with baskets on their heads walk on the street. Captioned 'Arch of Ecce Homo'.
Bottom - a city street with buildings either side and and arches connecting…

Top - distant view of a dome toped building with open square in front and other city buildings in the background. Captioned 'Temple Area'.
Bottom - interior of a mosque with arched doors and domed roof. Captioned 'Dome of the Rock Moriah'.

Top - distant view of cemetery with rows of headstones and memorial. Road leads up to gate on right. Captioned 'British War Cemetery'.
Bottom - view across rooftops to hill in the distance with tower on top. Domed building in middle ground.…

Four story building with tall tower in front and domed buildings either side. Trees and formal garden in front. Captioned 'May 1944, Jerusalem, Y.M.C.A.'.

Head and shoulder portrait of an airman wearing khaki short sleeved shirt. Captioned 'Fred Perkins in Middle East'.
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Flying log book for flight engineers for T Knox, covering the period from 30 January 1944 to 17 January 1947. Detailing his flying training, operations flown and post war duties as a parachute instructor. He was stationed at RAF Stradishall, RAF…

Seven photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is two airmen standing under the port engine of a Wellington, captioned 'Sgt Smith and North'.
Photo 2 is a Wellington in flight, captioned ' "N" for Nuts'.
Photo 3 is an airman sitting on the ground,…

The entrance to the War Cemetery framed by a stone gateway. On the reverse 'Jerusalem, War Cemetery'.

A market view. On the reverse 'Jerusalem. Suk or market of spices'.

The exterior of a church identified as the Church of Gesthemane on the reverse.

A stone wall with a gated entrance. There are some Arabs standing outside. On the reverse 'Jerusalem, Jaffa Gate'.

A large building on a low hill identified on the reverse 'Jerusalem Rockefeller Mus. of Palestine Archaeology'.

A view over Jerusalem. On the reverse 'Jerusalem, General View'.

A church framed by an archway. On the reverse' Jerusalem, Church of the Redeemer'.

Cavalry Altar with two priests in attendance. On the reverse 'Jerusalem Cavalry Altar'.
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