Account of loss of Hampden P1172 of 144 Squadron



Account of loss of Hampden P1172 of 144 Squadron


Lists crew as ' Pilot Officer J E Newton-Clare, 33492, Sergeant C O Clarke, 745257, Sergeant W Thom[..]son, 637247, Sergeant W L Powell, 641379'. Date 6/7 September 1940'. Notes discrepancy in bomber command records and war diaries over whether aircraft dispatched from RAF Hemswell or West Raynham. Aircraft dispatched to operations against Hamburg. Appeared in difficulty over North Sea on return, transmissions faded, nothing further heard. Assumed crashed in North Sea. Notes location of names of crew on Runnymede Memorial.

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144 Squadron
Aircraft Hampden 1
Serial P1172
Date 6/7/9/40

Crew Members
Pilot officer J.E. Newton-Clare 33492
Sergeant C.O. Clarke 745257
Sergeant W. Thompson 637247 [sic]
Sergeant W.L. Powell 641379.

6/7/9/40 Looking through Bomber Command records and war diaries there are discrepancy [sic] over where P1172 Hampden Dispatch [sic] from Hemswell or West Raynham. P1172 Hampden was Dispatch [sic] on schedule to take part in operations against the Germany [sic] to attack Hamburg. The correct w/t procedure was carried out prior to crossing the coast. later that night aircraft P1172 Hampden appeared to be in difficulties and at 0456 hrs a request for a bearing was received. The aircraft was ask [sic] for a call sign but signal gradually faded out and nothing further was heard belive [sic] to crash in the North Sea 50°.

Pilot Officer J.E. Newton-Clare 33492 is name is [sic] on panel 9 Runnymede Memorial.
Sergeant C.O Clarke 745257 Panel 12
Sergeant W. Thomson 637347 panel 20 18
Sergeant W.L. Powell 641379. Panel 18



“Account of loss of Hampden P1172 of 144 Squadron,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed July 23, 2024,

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