Harris, Michael


Harris, Michael
M Harris
144 Squadron 1939 -1942


Five items. The collection includes a letter, an account of loss of a Hampden P1172 of 144 Squadron on operation to Hamburg, a letter of condolence and photographs of people.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Michael Harris and catalogued by Nigel Huckins




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144 Sqn39-42

Collection Items

Aircrew sergeant
Full length portrait of a sergeant wearing tunic, with half brevet, and a side cap. In the background trees.

Two servicemen
Half length portrait of two servicemen. the one on the left is wearing Royal Air Force uniform tunic and side cap.

Letter of condolence from King George
Offers heartfelt sympathy signed by King George.

Account of loss of Hampden P1172 of 144 Squadron
Lists crew as ' Pilot Officer J E Newton-Clare, 33492, Sergeant C O Clarke, 745257, Sergeant W Thom[..]son, 637247, Sergeant W L Powell, 641379'. Date 6/7 September 1940'. Notes discrepancy in bomber command records and war diaries over whether…

Letter from Sergeant W L Powell
Letter to unknown recipient. Apologises that he was unable to visit recipient recently on short break. Talks of family, thanks for cigarettes brought and that he will shortly be operating against Germany. Notes he is due to leave current station…
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