Letter from Sergeant W L Powell



Letter from Sergeant W L Powell


Letter to unknown recipient. Apologises that he was unable to visit recipient recently on short break. Talks of family, thanks for cigarettes brought and that he will shortly be operating against Germany. Notes he is due to leave current station shortly. Signs [..] Bill. On the reverse first page 'Harry, Bill, Mother Mrs Ray Gould, Mr Ray Gould father'.




Three page handwritten letter


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[RAF Crest]

641379 Sgt. Powell.
c/o Sergeant’s Mess.
RAF. Finningley.
NR. Doncaster.

Dear Rene,
Many thanks for your letter, which I received a few days ago. I am sorry I couldn’t come down to see you, when I was over a few weeks ago, but I was only over for a short space of time, and I was unable to get over to Hednesford, to see my eldest brother.
Harry is getting on very well now, isn’t he. [sic] When I last saw him about five weeks ago, he was in the best of health and spirits, and we had a very good time together. I was only with him for
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[RAF Crest]
five hours, but it was a very enjoyable period.
It is quite a time since I last saw you, and I am looking forward to seeing you again. I wanted to drop you a line when I came back of [sic] my last seven days leave to thank you and the girls for the cigarettes that you so kindly bought me, but I didn’t like asking Harry for your address.
I hope the girls at the work are keeping fine, and I would be pleased if you would convey my best wishes to all of them. I have been
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[RAF Crest]
out on the “spree” quite a few times since I have been a sergeant, but I intend to go easy for a while now, as in two weeks time, I shall be having my chance with the “Jerries” and I intend to get a few.
I expect to be leaving this station on the 12th of this month so dont [sic] lose any time in writing back, or else I shall not receive it before I leave. With that, I must reluctantly close, as time is limited at present, with best wishes for you and your family.
From Boozer Bill
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Mrs Ray Gould
Mr Ray Gould



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