BBC recording of Gordon Cruickshank


BBC recording of Gordon Cruickshank


BBC 78 RPM vinyl disk Gordon Cruickshank recorded in August 1944.

Gordon joined the RAF in 1938 and Bomber Command in 1941 as an air gunner. Started operations in 1942 and completed first tour of 31 trips at end of November 1942. He says his aircraft was badly shot up on last trip to Hamburg, returning with two wounded and one killed. Gordon completed a second operational tour with an operation to Clermond Ferrand.

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Other: This is [unclear] Telling us about his exploits reaching [unclear] Please go ahead.
GC: Pilot officer Cruickshank.
Other: Where do you come from?
GC: Weymouth, Dorset.
Other: And how long have you been in the RAF?
GC: Well, I’ve been in the RAF since 1938.
Other: And how long have you been in Bomber Command?
GC: Since 1941.
Other: Tell us when you started training.
GC: Well, I started at the beginning of 1942 with [pause] beginning of 1942. I carried on then, completing thirty one operational trips at the end of November 1942.
Other: And where were they mostly to?
GC: Mostly around the Ruhr. Except the two which was very outstanding. Milan and Le Creusot, the daylight raid.
Other: And did you ever get your plane shot up there then?
GC: Yes. On the last trip to Hamburg. So, we were shot up very, very badly and the pilot managed to bring her back with two wounded. Himself wounded. And the one that got killed.
Other: And have you ever been a casualty yourself?
GC: No. I’ve never been a casualty myself.
Other: You’re an air gunner aren’t you?
GC: Yes.
Other: Have you had any good fights with enemy opposition?
GC: No. I wouldn’t say that but we saw quite a few off and got away in time.
Other: So, I suppose you’ve completed your tour of ops have you?
GC: Two tours, yeah.
Other: I mean your second tour.
GC: Yes. I completed about three months ago. Picked up on Clermond Ferrand.
Other: Oh well that’s excellent. Congratulations. Thank you very much.



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