Photographs of places, Lancasters and airship.



Photographs of places, Lancasters and airship.


Top - reconnaissance photograph of town on left with roads and open countryside on right.

Middle left - Air-to-air view of formation of four Lancasters in light paint scheme over open countryside. The tail plane of aircraft from which photo taken from rear turret is visible on right.

Middle right - oblique aerial photograph of a town on the coast with sea beyond.

Below middle - photograph of a US Navy Airship.

Bottom left - air-to air view of two following Lancasters in light paint scheme taken from rear turret.

Bottom right - side view of Lancaster parked facing left in light paint scheme.


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Six b/w photographs mounted on an album page





“Photographs of places, Lancasters and airship.,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed August 7, 2020,

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