Interview with Don Sutherland. One


Interview with Don Sutherland. One


Don’s father was a Scot and his mother came from the west coast of England. They moved to Coventry, where Don was born. When he was eight, they moved to Newcastle-on-Tyne where his father worked in armaments. Don left school at 15 and half and went to work at an insurance firm. At 20 he decided to join the Army but registered as a conscientious objector instead; a trial followed, and he got exemption on Christian grounds. His brother also registered, and immediately lost his job. A regulation was brought in that he had to register for fire watching at his place of work. He refused to register as he already did fire watching duty at his place of worship. He was charged, and his mother paid his fine.
Don then joined the Society of Friends (Quakers) and worked for a farming network run by farmers and pacifists. He stayed at one near Market Rasen for 25 years working with poultry and horses. He finally worked for 18 years, until he was 62, in foundry offices on the outskirts of Lincoln. Don would give out printed materials in Lincoln on pacifism and one woman slapped him on the face saying “how dare you”.







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