Alfonso ‘Liviano’ Zamparo being tortured



Alfonso ‘Liviano’ Zamparo being tortured


A screaming naked man is suspended across a cell by ropes tied around his wrists, looped over a hook on the wall, and his ankles, looped through the bars of a window. The rope threaded through the window is held by a uniformed figure. A bucket is visible in the corner of the cell. The walls of the cell are flecked with blood stains.

Inscriptions read “195”; signed by the author; caption reads “PALMANOVA 19 Dicembre 1944 – 17 Febbraio 1945, “Liviano” dottor Alfonso Zamparo dell’Osoppo, impiccato per 5 ore alle celle No 1 completamente nudo, dal suo racconto: fui aganciato e spinto verso l’entrata della cella, la corda passò sopra la porta e fissata all’esterno, sul catenaccio, cosi appeso coi piedi alti sul pavimento, un calvario, calci pugni vergate, colpi di moschetto che mi lacerarono la carne, mi lanciarono a dosso secchi di acqua gelata, e calda, e bere dense soluzioni di sale. Mi spedirono a Dakau [Dachau] il 24 Febbraio”.

Caption translates as: “Palmanova, 19 December 1944-17 February 1945. Doctor Alfonso Zamparo (also known as “Liviano”) of Osoppo was hung for five hours in cell number 1. He was completely naked. From his own account: I was released from the ropes and pushed towards the entrance of the cell. The rope passed above the door and then secured outside, on the sliding lock. Then, I was hung with my feet above the floor. It was an ordeal: kicks, punches, canes, and musket shots lacerated my flesh. They threw at me buckets of ice-cold water, then hot, and I was given dense salt solutions to drink. I was sent to Dachau on the 24 February.”

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One tempera on paper, pasted on mount board


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