Andrew's effects



Andrew's effects


Letter to Isabel with inventory of Andrew's effects, asking her to acknowledge receipt of the effects.



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One page typewritten letter, one page typewritten inventory


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ERAFCentDepBainID440314-0001, ERAFCentDepBainID440314-0002


Telephone No:
Colnbrook 231/3

Central Depository,
Royal Air Force,
Slough, Bucks.

In reply please quote reference:
CD/FT. 36393.

658930. Sgt. Bain A.

Dear Madam,
In accordance with Air Ministry instructions the personal effects of the above named as enumerated on the enclosed inventory have been despatched to you by passenger train.

When the effects reach you kindly sign and return both the inventory and the attached convoy note for which purpose a prepaid addressed label is enclosed herewith.

Yours faithfully,
[signature] [indecipherable letters]
for Squadron Leader, Commanding,
R.A.F. Central Depository.

Mrs. I.D. Bain,
c/o 31, Stirling Drive,

[page break]

[underlined] F. 36393 PERSONAL EFFECTS OF 658930 SGT. BAIN. A. [/underlined]

1 brown fibre suitcase (fastener broken off lid) containing:-
1 driving licence.
1 Kodak paper wallet with photos. and negatives.
1 brown leather zip toilet case contg;- [sic]
1 shaving brush in container.
1 shaving stick in container.
1 nail brush
1 broken comb.
1 razor blade.
1 large dictionary by Rochard Soule.
1 clinical thermometer in steel [deleted letters] tube.
1 bundle letters and papers.
1 Prayer book (The Upper Room)
1 book on Philosophy of courage.
1 New Testament.
1 bundle letters and small booklets.
1 leather wallet contg; - visiting cards and arm badges.
1 Ensign camera (Greyhound) in canvas case.
1 bundle writing papers.
1 rolls razor complete.
1 mirror metal on stand.
1 torch complete.
1 Swan fountain pen.
1 pr. sunglasses in case.
2 comb.
2 N brevets.
1 pen knife.
1 pr. armlets metal expanding.
1 hair brush and comb.
1 pr. pyjamas.
5 handkerchiefs.
1 rubber pillow.
1 bathing suit complete. 2 piece red.
1 pr. black shoes.
1 worn leather purse contg;- 1 keys.
1 leather strap round suitcase.

Post Office Savings Bank Book.
Melrose. 3888. Certified copy of Will. Extracted by Unit and forwarded to Air Ministry. Accts. [deleted] 1 [/deleted] 13. Worcester.



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